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"We Must be Willing to Give Up the Life We Have Planned, So As to Have the Life that is Waiting for Us."
-Joseph Campbell
Week of Aug 12, 2013

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

When it Rains it Pours ... er...Drips

So, yes, I completed the 5K - blah blah blah, yada yada yada - I'll post about that later.

I'm here to vent a bit.

So, we needed some house repairs. And decided to refinance, because that's what you do. We were quite excited at the prospect of taking care of things - and maybe even having some left over for Christmas.

And God laughed.

First priority: the car I drive. We have a brand new minivan - and decided to take care of all the ailments in this other car to make it last for awhile. (We had just refinanced it, too.) We thought ailments meant new tires, new tire thingy in wheel that made a sensor come on and yell at you in the car, inspection...that sort of thing.

And God laughed.
As the refinance was going through we learned it needed the transmission rebuilt. And I could tell - damn thing was really fond of going in reverse when it was in drive. Quite fun. Reminded me of driving a stick shift. Which I've really only done once in my life - and that was a bad deal (crashed into a parked car and mailbox. as a teen. at a boy's house where I wasn't supposed to be. anyway....) So, we take it in. Transmission fixed. Good to go.

And God laughed.
Place tells us a wheel bearing is broken and it's not fit to drive. That would explain the shaking steering wheel. I just pretended I was a NASCAR driver and held on tight. Nope. So, we take it to our tire place. Get those tires replaced, new wheel bearing .. and of course, it's not COMPLETELY fixed -- but we had to stop the $$ bleeding.

Plus - we've been trying to get a new dishwasher FOR-EV-ER...but we kept buying them and they kept not fitting. (A whole different pain is the arse.) We finally bought one - it's all space age and lovely.

But we didn't get a chance to be all pleased with ourselves.During this time we noticed a crack in the windshield in the brand new minivan. Lovely. There's also a crack in the windshield of the non-kid car. Mother trucker!! They've moved down the priority list.

So, we also have a broken garage door. On the list of things to fix - the wire pulley thingy has completely broken off and it won't go up. And the bottom panel of the door is rotting. We were going to replace both doors with steel. It was on the list.

I should mentioned we also did an "Extreme Home Makeover" in Jack's room. Nick has moved in with Kyle and now Jack has his own room. We completely re-painted, got him a cool new bed and dresser - right now it's the coolest room in the house.

Since that work is finally complete, aside from the two crack windshields and the extra work we'll need to do on the non-kid car -- we were finally feeling more "settled" and considering our next moves. I was thinking today how I could get this bedding set that I really like - it's really time for a new set. Ryan was looking at the money that was left and thinking he could call the garage door people.

And God laughed.
Ryan went into the garage this morning and noticed big puddles. Then saw a huge wet spot on the ceiling. Something is leaking. It appears to be the toilet in the main bathroom. He was hoping if he jiggled a few things here and there it would stop dripping by the time I got up. Nope, I discovered it before seeing his note because of the loud dripping. It's still doing it now. Drip. Drip. Drip. The wall behind the toilet is damp. That just can't be good.

A plumber is coming tomorrow. Good bye bedding set. Garage door will wait. And we'll pray this won't be some huge big thing. God, please don't laugh here. We get it. We're very grateful for all that you have given us. Now please, go laugh at someone else.