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"We Must be Willing to Give Up the Life We Have Planned, So As to Have the Life that is Waiting for Us."
-Joseph Campbell
Week of Aug 12, 2013

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

He's 4.

Nick turned four today. Ok, technically yesterday, since it's 1 in the morning.

This means we've officially moved out of babies/toddlers. There are none. Everyone is potty trained. Everyone is pretty self-sufficient. Everyone sleeps in normal size beds. Everyone can play in the back yard without constant supervision/help getting on stuff. Everyone can put their own clothes on - including shoes. Everyone can help put things away.

Four. Yes, that's a big leap from 3. Just like when Jack went from 6 to 7 .. that seemed like a big leap too.

Nick had so much fun - he liked "ripping" his presents (as he called it.) And just loved everything he received. He loved blowing out his candles and having cake and ice cream. It was very fun just to watch how excited he was with every part of his birthday.

In a surprise move, he decided he needed to wear one of his many spiderman costumes. He was a hoot in the costume - coupled with the spiderman hat.

He's four. Wow. And that's that. We're evolving our family. Next month Kyle turns 6 and Jack turns 9 . I feel the same -- but they keep changing and getting tall and saying stuff that's unexpected ... but means they're getting older and "getting it."


Thursday, December 11, 2008

'Tis the Season for GIVING.

I recently wrote this as an email to grandparents - -thanking them for pledging money so the boys could do a charity walk .. and after reading it, thought a good chunk sounded like a nice blog. So here it is:
It’s good for them to get involved with the “giving” part of Christmas. We’re really trying to get across the real meaning – that God gave his greatest gift to us .. and that’s why we give on Christmas. We’ve been trying to get the right answer when we ask what Christmas is about. Kyle, of course, wanted to know if Santa was in Bethlehem. We told him no, but that Santa is carrying out the Spirit of giving that began that day in Bethlehem. It was a good opportunity to push the “Santa is the Christmas Spirit” idea … for when someone starts to have doubts.

Anyway, back to giving: Jack – who, I don’t think we’ve mentioned – ran for and was elected to Student Council – got to go shopping for a 5 year old in need. He was really happy to pick out things he thought the child would like. I’m glad he got to have that experience – and without a nagging parent as the person pushing him to be involved.

We’ve also explained, that this is why we take turns opening gifts on Christmas morning – because we’ve put heart and effort into making special purchases, and the pay-off is getting to see the recipient’s reaction. (And the suspense is a kick too!) They get very excited when they’ve made a gift at school – and can’t wait for us to open it … and get so excited to see our reaction. When we reminded them that it’s like that, they seemed to get it.

Our boys are growing up! And we’re so proud that they’re starting to get it. Of course, they’ll still be raving lunatics Christmas morning.
Baby steps.

Monday, December 1, 2008


Random stuff today.

First. I really love having time off. I love catching up on home projects -- or just reading a book. You know how long it's been since I've sat down with a book? I know. Late July. And basically - late July/Early August when we go to Hilton Head and I sit on the beach for a week (or the travel time in the car) is the only time I seem to have time to read. But this 4 day weekend, I picked up a book. I would do a "chore" then reward myself with a chapter. Soon, I decided I deserved to just sit and read. It was awesome. We had a fire in the fire place, and Ryan had apple cider in the crock pot - it made the house smell sooooo good ... it was very cozy.

I'm reading Twilight.
TOTALLY NOT a book I would have chosen for myself. I had heard the premise ... and the hype. And it's just not something I've ever been interested in. The whole Vampire thing has never been a draw for me - in TV/Movies or books. But one of Ryan's co-workers gave it to him and insisted he make me read it. And weirdly - on the very same day -- I watched as someone did that to one of my co-workers. She started reading it and told me the next day she was up 'til 3am because she couldn't put it down. I was still resistant. I finally picked it up Sunday. And putting it down is hard. It IS kind of a teeny-bopper book - but it's still addicting. So, I'm now one of THOSE people reading THAT book. And I LIKE it.

Switching gears ... I've almost got all the Christmas decorations up. It's nice to do it in stages, rather than all at once with the tree like I normally do. We'll get a tree next weekend. I'm off today - and can't wait 'til Kyle gets on the bus. I'm going to try to get Nick down for a nap and either take a nap myself, get some stuff done, or just read!

I love this time of year. I wish I could take all of December off so I could just soak it in. I love just enjoying the season. I love going to Cmas parties and shows. We saw Trans Siberian Orchestra Saturday. It was something else. Lots of lights and pyrotechnics. Pretty wild - and we enjoyed it. Later in the month we'll go to "Rockettes Christmas."

Well, that's enough random for now.
I have a book to read!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

I've been hit by a bus.  It's been a rough sweeps...and it ended with me using every last brain cell to write a 4:25 piece on Black Friday deals.  Ya'll know how much I get along with numbers.  My brain is mush.  

But it's back in action tomorrow - for 3 hours of straight live Plaza Lights coverage. Doh!

I'd considered doing Black Friday shopping --  but I may completely crash out.  

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone.  I'm thankful for you ... and I'll be VERY thankful for 7pm thanksgiving evening when my wheels peel out of the parking lot of work and I head home for a 4 day weekend to attempt to recuperate.


Saturday, November 22, 2008


Well, 5 more days of sweeps. (If you include the wknd.) It appears we may lose. So, all this work and stress ... for a disappointing loss.

And there won't even be the relief of sweeps being over, because THE. VERY. NEXT. DAY. we'll do freakin' 3 hours of Plaza Lights coverage. (Yeah, the ONE year Thanksgiving is NOT in Sweeps -- and we take over the Plaza Lights.) Doh!

I'm not complaining ... so much as I am just worn out. Luckily, I have a four day weekend coming. It's jammed packed, and some stress has presented itself with some unexpected changes to our plans ... but I'm still looking forward to sign off of the Plaza Lights and me hitting the road for a BREAK.

We're going to see Transiberian Orchestra Saturday night. I can't wait. I wish I could go up on stage and conduct the Bell Chorus or whatever it's called. I always pump that song up in the car and wave my arms like I'm conducting. I probably look like a raving loon - but I love it.

Well. That's enough random for now. How 'bout some five?
1. Full. Taco Bell. Blech
2. Tired. Darn early basketball.
3. Whatever the feeling is that describes the desire to get a bunch a stuff done. But the tired feeling is holding it back.
4. Comfy. No bra day. Sweats on. Not leaving house. ( :
5. Ack ... more of number 3. I gotta get Christmas lists organized this weekend. Ack.

1. I could take a nap -- BUT -- not lose any time from my wknd.
2. The Christmas lists were already organized
3. It was colder (yes, I really said that) so we could have a fire all day.
4. I wish my four day wknd was now. Then I could take that nap!
5. I wish I could figure out the draw to Guitar Hero. I find it hard and not fun -- but Jack and Daddy are all over it.


Sunday, November 16, 2008

7 Random Things

I don't feel like blogging. But I do feel like being random....and a while back folks ask me to do the 7 random things blog they were doing. So....7 random things about me:

1. I was the first girl born on the Hicks side of the family in 112 years.

2. I don't like anything (except clothes) to touch my knees.

3. I'm watching iCarly right now. I can't help it.

4. Regarding food: I generally don't like hard things in my soft things. Example: carrots in jello. Wrong. Chocolate m-n-ms or bits or whatever in ice cream. Blech. It's too frozen. Oh, and I don't like stuff to touch stuff on my plate. And yes, I do eat things one at a time, and have never understood why that's weird.

5. I like thin crust Domino's pizza with pepperoni, mushrooms and extra cheese.

6. I only HATE/WILL *NOT* eat two foods: raisins, and sweet potatos. There are other foods I don't really like, but would still eat. Those two - never, ever, ever, ever. And YES I can detect a raisin in anything and will spit it at you if you try to deceive me.

7. I have a piece of lead from a pencil in my face, right under my eye. You can see it if you look - -a little gray spot.

How's that for random? Pretty food heavy - but it's lunch time. Ta - ta!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


I'll be working a double today and late into the night ... I hope it's exciting!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

What a Day

I'm so pooped, I won't go into details right now ... but we did our first ever "rush a bleeding gory kid to the ER" experience.

Bottom line: kid will be ok, a little mangled right now, but nothing permanent.  Sheesh.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Good Day

Well, it didn't start off so hot. Ryan got me out of bed at 7am ... and I proceeded to bundle up in several layers of clothing for an 8am soccer tournament. Once I was completely dressed and we had all the kids bundled ... we got a call that soccer was cancelled because of all the rain. DOH! I went back to bed. That was nice. But then we'll have to do it all again next weekend. Blech.

This afternoon we went to the pumpkin patch. The weather was perfect and the boys were all old enough to run around and enjoy it. No one was afraid of the animals or too scared to go down the slide .. or even need assistance on any of the playground stuff.

We chose to forgo the train ride this year, and instead took the hayride for the first time out to the pumpkin patch. (We normally just pick from the already picked pumpkins.) It was a nice ride and the pumpkin patch was so pretty ... bright pops of orange in a brown field.

We came home and had a really nice dinner .... then the boys helped "gut" their pumpkins, then drew on them and daddy and I carved them. They look great! Now we're just chillin'.

A perfect day...festive...and good family time. *sigh* See more pics on http://www.thegerdings.com/.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

there's a new poll question!!

Too Many Spinning Plates.

1.  Producing shows AND doing my actual job.
2.  Finishing the re-done basement to get my scrap area functional - and the rest of the room in shape.
3.  Main computer is down at home.  BIG MESS.  BIG PAIN.  BIG ANNOYANCE.  BIG INCONVENIENCE.
4.  Planning KG Halloween party as head room mom and annoyed with other folks not just letting me be.
5.  Have renegotiated my contract.  But have not yet seen it.
6.  Keeping house.
7. Interacting w/kids. More than yelling at them to "JUST EAT" and "STOP THAT!" or "HURRY UP." And my all time favorite, laced with guilt  "NOT NOW!"
8.  Garage.  Cleaned it organized it then ruined it w/stuff from basement room for re-do.
9.  Not getting good sleep.
10.  Trying to get a cold.  Managed to avoid Kyle's strep.
11.  Wish I had time to go get some pumpkins and pretty mums to put on the front porch area.

So, I really want to just curl up in my bed and sleep -- for a loooong time.  And then have a day to myself to catch up.  

What a bunch of whining.

Friday, October 3, 2008


Funny, I'm too busy hovering over kids to read the book about how to not hover over your kids. heh heh.

I thought I drop a fast blog .. but I keep getting distracted by yo-gabba-gabba on Nick Jr. Ever seen that show? It's so weird it's fascinating. And the kids actually DO get up and do whatever they're doing. Then I have "Wiggle wiggle wiggle Jump ... hooooold stiiiiilllll .... wiggle wiggle wiggle jump" stuck in my head all day.

I'm getting out Halloween decorations. Did one bin yesterday. Doing another bin today. Kinda hard to do since the basement's so messed up right now as we prepare for a "re-do". I have GOT to get painting and get that out of the way.

Ok .. back to the bins. Happy Friday!!!!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Kids: Social Achievement

Interesting thoughts from first part of Chapter 1 in "A Nation of Wimps."

  • It used to be that kids got their social status from their parents. Now parents get THEIR social status from kids!
  • Parents these days don't feel comfortable leaving their children with someone else for 2 hours. TWO HOURS! It talks about how if the child isn't in the mother's laser sights for every second ... they believe they will somehow be psychologically damaged among other things.

INTERESTING~! Ever felt like you needed to take your kids to gymboree cuz that's what everyone else does? Or you need to be seen at the soccer field? I don't think I've gotten quite sucked into that ... yet. BUT --

I do know I've worried about my kids with other people. I HATE when they come home from somewhere and their manners or behaviors are all out of whack. (Saying things like "whatever" or "gimme that" or talking with their mouth full because the ADULTS they were with don't set good examples or have ANY boundaries.) But at the same time, I do understand that we NEED a break from each other. It's best for everyone.

The book talks about how much kids need normal every day PLAY ... but parents are always interfering. I'm getting better about that. Just go outside. Our backyard is fenced in .. I don't need to be hovering over them. And Jack and Kyle are allowed to go to other houses .. Jack is supposed to be watching out for Kyle. I just need to turn off the TV/Computer more, I think.

So ... so far so good. I just need to continue to reinforce what Daddy and I consider acceptable manners/behavior so that when they do go elsewhere - they can withstand bad examples and just know better.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

A Nation of Wimps

That's the name of a book I'm reading now. It totally goes along with something I've been meaning to blog (bitch about) for a long time now.

I have really noticed, in my work, and some social situations a HUGE problem with the new generation of young people. Pure ENTITLEMENT. They think they should be hired for the big shows ... right out of school .... and get all the perks of a more senior employee. They think they can take time off to get their teeth whitened .. or because their boyfriend is SAD. They've never had anyone tell them they've done something wrong, so when you try to point out errors and poor performance, they simply don't know how to handle it - and worse yet, don't have the common sense to know to shape up fast, or they'll be fired. There's no fear. They don't think they should have to work the crappy hours or extra days to move ahead. They don't want to put in extra time to move ahead. They want it all served up on a silver platter. It's driving me crazy.

And you know who the problem is? Parents. Specifically these parents who fall under this term I love: helicopter parents. You know, they hover over every thing a child does. What's worse, they not only hover, but they remove all obstacles, sources of "pain" and chances to learn about LIFE. They "interfere" in ways my generation and older would be MORTIFIED about .. like calling bosses and college professors. I had a parent email me to ask me to approve her child's -- my employee's -- vacation time. Now, I was talking to some recent grads who tell me I shouldn't hold it against the employee, because often when parents do this -- the student/employee has no idea it's happening. I'll give them that. Still, come on!

Ok. Here's the kicker. The big wham-o. The irony. The disappointing truth. I find myself doing it. I'm part of the problem!! I don't think I'm as "crazy" as many (most) parents worrying about every little thing and wanting to do everything for them. But I do have in my head things that "hurt" me in whatever way growing up, and try to prevent that.

Were we all raised so HORRIBLY that we've got to change EVERYTHING in how we parent to not repeat the same mistakes?? I think now, in comparison, the answer is no - because I am so much better at handling "life" than these younger folks. But of course, as we parent, we must think "yes." I will never yell at my children in public, or fight with my husband in public, and I don't ever want my kids to feel "inferior" because they don't have the right clothes, toys or activities. Yikes! So I give them everything ... and they don't appreciate it. Bad move that's hard to fix.

Anyway ... this book nails it. It talks about how we do so much to protect our kids now that they become psychologically fragile. They don't know how to deal with disappointment or hurt - because they've never been able to learn to cope on their own. YES!

They NEED to fight with other kids. They NEED to lose a game and not get a trophy. They NEED to get a bad grade. They NEED to be told: you're not doing a good job. (God forbid!) How else will they get that "feeling" that helps them -- pushes them - to want to do better next time? (I can't help but wonder what the future of sports will be like with all these kids who can't get hurt...!)

The book has statistics on the skyrocketing number of college students who are binge drinking and needing counseling at school because they can't cope. And this whole "self mutilation" thing that's growing among kids is part of THIS problem.

So, I've just read the introduction so far. I'm really hoping I can get some guidance as to help my kids be STRONG ... INDEPENDENT and understand the concept of WORKING HARD -- ON YOUR OWN....being a SELF-STARTER. And how I can land the helicopter and let them fly on their own.

I'll keep you posted.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Eye Twitch

My eye twitch is back. I had it last fall ... when I was struggling with work stuff - mostly scheduling - and such .. and apparently not getting enough sleep.
It eventually went away ... not really sure when. It was a twitch that would happen every few minutes! So much so that I would google it to see if it meant I was about to have a stroke or something. But, everything said: too much caffeine, not enough sleep. Yep.

And it's back. Same scenario. Ryan's helping on Monday and Friday by putting Jack on the bus....but it's still not enough sleep. And my Coke drinking has escalated lately.

It's annoying. I wonder if people can see it. I don't think so .. but it's distracting. And weird! It's weird! So, what am I doing? Blogging instead of sleeping. Dummy.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Email Blog

Testing email blogging.

Twitter Updates from the JSchool

I'll be twittering while attending the JSchool celebrations ...
My twitters will update here at the top.

BUT You can also follow EVERYONE talking about the celebration by going to:

search.twitter.com and searching #mizzou

Those of you new to twitter, a pound sign before a word sends that twitter to a "feed," for lack of a better word, of all twitters related to that subject. So, if you're interested in discussion or whatever of that subject, you'll find it there.

'burg, here I come!

I Believe in the Profession of Journalism

BTW - I'm not hating people as much this week.

I'm preparing now (actually I'm not, I'm blogging) but soon I'll start packing and getting ready to go spend 4 days in Columbia. I'm going to the big 2008 Centennial/Dedication for the JSchool at the University of Missouri. MU's JSchool was the FIRST in the world, and hands down, the best. (Oh yes, I'm proud and not afraid to be one of THOSE MU people. I've earned it baby.)And they've just added on this huge building, called the Donald W. Reynolds Journalism Institute and will dedicate it this Friday in a big ceremony. http://rji.missouri.edu/

So .. JSchool alum from all over and community leaders and just fans of the school are converging on campus this week for a huge event. It's a big damn deal.(http://journalism.missouri.edu/2008/).

I'm looking at it as an opportunity to cleanse. We always call good journalism - the kind you learn at Mizzou -- journalism with a capital "J." Well, when you get out in the real world, try as you might, that J tends to shrink. It's been terribly ironic for me -- because I went out into the world and touted my "BIG J" and could usuallly bend folks toward me. I was quite righteous about it too! I often became the "ethics gauge" in the newsroom. But soon, you learn the economics of journalism...and having to give viewers want they want...and you "adjust" your values a bit. My "BIG J" is trampled on, dirty, and certainly not capitalized anymore. But it's not just me.

Have you noticed how certain networks are now considered the "conservative" one ... and the "liberal" one? I'm thinking of two cable networks in particular. What the heck? I thought journalism was "we report-- you decide" (not so, I guess for the network that uses that tagline.) You're not supposed to be able to tell if reporters or anchors "lean" a certain way. You're supposed to get objective coverage. But it's become glaringly evident this election. Even Saturday Night Live spoofs the ga-ga attitudes some "journalists" have toward a certain candidate. That's crazy! That's NOT journalism. Those folks need to be stripped of their jobs, tarred and feathered....or at least just called "analysts." They're NOT journalists.

Oh the shame. But there are people out there who still want to get it right. Or, who maybe, like me ... just need a "cleansing." I can still give the viewers what they want, and maintain ratings to keep us in business, and make sure I've lived within the standards of a journalist.

Wow. See. That's just how GOOD my JSchool is. I'm already cleansing -- and I haven't left my home yet. Just thinking about "from whence I came" is getting me back on track.
Yeah, I still believe.
I believe in the profession of journalism.

I believe that the public journal is a public trust; that all connected with it are, to the full measure of their responsibility, trustees for the public; that acceptance of a lesser service than the public service is betrayal of this trust.

I believe that clear thinking and clear statement, accuracy and fairness are fundamental to good journalism.

I believe that a journalist should write only what he holds in his heart to be true.

I believe that suppression of the news, for any consideration other than the welfare of society, is indefensible.

I believe that no one should write as a journalist what he would not say as a gentleman; that bribery by one's own pocketbook is as much to be avoided as bribery by the pocketbook of another; that individual responsibility may not be escaped by pleading another's instructions or another's dividends.

I believe that advertising, news and editorial columns should alike serve the best interests of readers; that a single standard of helpful truth and cleanness should prevail for all; that the supreme test of good journalism is the measure of its public service.

I believe that the journalism which succeeds best -- and best deserves success -- fears God and honors Man; is stoutly independent, unmoved by pride of opinion or greed of power, constructive, tolerant but never careless, self-controlled, patient, always respectful of its readers but always unafraid, is quickly indignant at injustice; is unswayed by the appeal of privilege or the clamor of the mob; seeks to give every man a chance and, as far as law and honest wage and recognition of human brotherhood can make it so, an equal chance; is profoundly patriotic while sincerely promoting international good will and cementing world-comradeship; is a journalism of humanity, of and for today's world.


Friday, September 5, 2008


What's the deal with people these days?
Ok, this post is too much like my last one ... but I'm restricted because my blog is not private. And that's annoying, cuz I'd love to just stand on the mountain top and sing-it-sista.

But I won't. Oh well, I suppose this too shall pass.

Thursday, September 4, 2008


I'm tired of people.
Whining, bitching, annoying, slacking, sniveling, stupid people.

That's all.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Ok, So it Wasn't a One Day Job

We're calling it a day. We've put everything back into the garage -- and now it's a mess.  But a more organized mess!  And tomorrow, it will be much easier to deal with.  We bought hooks, a new closet thingy, a new toy organizer and such to keep things in place better.  It's already just so much better.  I had like 20 hundred shoe boxes I was "saving" -- which have come in handy for Valentine's Day and other school projects.  I managed to pair that down significantly ... and also parted with a lot of other "junk" I was saving for silly reasons.  So we've got a big ol' trash pile and big ol' donate pile.  

Now - my funny story I mentioned in the previous post:
This man and woman start driving real slow toward our house.  I'm thinking -- they think I'm having a garage sale and are scoping me out.  I start working to make it clear I'm organizing/cleaning.  They slow down more.  I looked at them -- and try again to give the "move on" signals.  Then they STOP .. the man gets out and pulls out his wallet.  The woman gets out and comes around to him and takes money.  She then WALKS TOWARD ME.  I immediately say:  "I am not having a garage sale - just cleaning out."  She goes -- kind of snippy -- "Oh, I know."   Ok - here's the best part:  she's like Indian or Pakistani or something and turns and speaks that language to her husband.  (I point that out only because I prob could have understood Spanish or French.)  Then proceeds to walk down the street.  And I'm thinking:  Lady, you speak any secret language you want... I KNOW you just told him, "I'm going to walk down the street so I don't look like an idiot and pretend like I was going somewhere else." He is like the dumb husband who just follows orders -- gets in the car and slowly follows her as she walks IN THE STREET, down the street -- not even on the side where's there's a sidewalk.  Looking completely out of place.  I sort of roll my eyes and get back to work.  (I mean geez *I* should be the one embarrassed w/all the crap and mess!)  I look down the street, and hubby has stopped.  She walks up to the car - then see's I'm looking - and THEN WAVES OFF THE HUSBAND and walks down the street some more.  Dude the gig is up! Get in the car!  Crazy.

The "This isn't fun anymore" Break

5:30.  Still a bunch of stuff outside.  Inside is looking great - but my feet are killing me and I can't think anymore.  It's overwhelming.  I'm pooped and gross and tired of dead June bugs. Ick.

Funny story about lady who thought we were having a garage sale - but then pretended she didn't ... too tired to tell it now.  Will after I get my second wind.

Lunch Break

I posted my last blog then headed straight outside to start taking everything out of the garage.  Now everything is out (and our front yard looks like a tornado hit a garage sale).  We're taking a lunch break.  So, that's like 2 and a half hours just to take the stuff out!! Wow.  

Funny moment ... of course, kids are re-discovering toys as we're pulling stuff out .. and one is this kind of pop up thing -- it pops open and you can throw balls into it ... and Nick is trying to figure out how to pop it open and what it is... and he, in the correct tone and everything, says: "What the hell is this?"

Ryan and I both pause in our various states of carrying stuff and look at each other like - did he, yeah, he did ... keep movin'.  Of course, there's the quick "You're the one who says that!" "No you are." argument ... then we just laugh.

Quick Funny

So, bless my husband.  He does all the grocery shopping ... and occasionally, I ask him to pick up some "feminine" items for me.

Well, also on the list was what I call "goop" -- the boys have been in to having their hair kinda spikey, and I needed some gel .. .so I put that on the list and they were excited about getting "goop."

My husband hard started looking for it (if you know my husband, you understand he has no need for hair products and had some trouble finding gel.)  So he is in the kind of "drug store" area of the store, and decides to get MY stuff since he can't find the goop - and go back to look again -- and tells the boys -- we'll get your goop in a minute.

So, he gets my stuff, puts it in the cart, and proceeds to go look for goop.  Suddenly, Nick, who is in the cart, whips out a tampon - holds it up and yells, "Daddy -- Daddy is this goop??"   Ryan is like -- no, no - put it back.  Then of course, Kyle wants to know "What is that??"  Ryan is like, don't worry about it, let's go look for goop.   Then Nick grabs the package of pads, hold them high over his head "Daddy -- is THIS goop?"  
Daddy -- "No - put it down."   Nick  -- still holding it up over his head - "But what is it, what is this daddy?"

I have a feeling I may need to get my own stuff in the future.

Yeah 3 Day Wknd!

And to celebrate, we're going to spend the entire day cleaning the garage! ha ha.  We're both actually looking forward to it - it's a disaster and I've been so much better about getting RID of stuff .. this is good!

He's gonna smoke ribs so we can have a nice dinner tonight before watching the game...(Go Tigers!)

And we'll probably go to the big new Lee's Summit pool and officially end the summer. Waaaah!!!  

I'm recovering from a tough week ... Thursday especially ... at 5:45 the ND comes over to me to say the Chiefs game we're showing is delayed because of weather.  Which, was going to mess with CBS live coverage of the DNC, and we'd have to do plan B for showing Barack's speech.  So, I take this in and go back to work.  She's like -no - hello - look at me -- we have to FILL.  So, we were not going to do a 6pm news that night.  It was not planned -- the rundown was empty - and at 5:45 I'm essentially learning that we now HAVE to fill from 6 to 6:30...DOH!  It went fine -- luckily the whole reason the game was delayed was due to weather ... so we could use weather to fill ... and I grabbed some stuff out of the five ... and it was clean and went ok.  But geez!  That's a new one.   Anyway, for that, and other reasons, I'm really glad last week is over.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008


I've been sick for nearly a week and it's getting old. First throat issues ... now just some soreness in the throat, but its all moved to my chest and head. Not really sure how to treat that. Annoying.

So, my head is foggy ... and that explains the lack of blog. Actually "blog" is what my chest feels like ... "blahg."

) :

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Back to School

It's back to school time .. Jack headed off to 3rd grade this morning ...and Kyle (gasp!) hopped on the bus this afternoon for kindergarten. They both returned together on the bus...and seemed just as happy and excited as when they left. Sounds like they had a good day back!

This picture is of them getting off the bus -- Jack grabbed Kyle's hand as they crossed the street. He was really liking being the "big brother" and looking out for Kyle.

They posted some more pics on their blogs (Nick too!) And thus, the school year begins.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

I'm Pooped.

I am so pooped.  Exhausted. Kaput.

I've had a work project that had taken FOR - EV - ER...and it has NOTHING to do with news or news gathering.  It has eaten a large chunk of my time, shifted my focus, and kept me at work late.  (Last night I got home at 1:30AM!!!)  It's now done, but I can't even enjoy the relief of that because it wiped me out.

I was off today, and that should have been nice.  I had hoped to go get flowers to replant to make the yard (especially in the back) look nice for a family picnic ... but I spent the morning doing laundry, moving stuff before the carpet cleaners got here, and then dealing with a WORK thing.  Then it rained.  

We had to be at school for meet-the-teacher/curriculum night at 4p.  And there went my day.   The school stuff was cool -- teachers did their presentations on smartboards with remote controls. Very cool.  Very high-tech.   You don't even see chalkboards anymore.   Whenever I go to these things I am extremely proud of the schools my kids go to...and hell yeah, it's worth it if I'm paying higher taxes than other MO towns ... other MO towns simply don't have (award winning) schools like this.   Yeah, it's worth it.  Man, we're lucky and blessed and I appreciate what we have.  

It's weird when adults know my kids when we walked through the school.  They do have a whole other world in school-land, don't they?

Oh, and Kyle's going to kindergarten.  Ryan and I BOTH got teary when we saw the little nametag he'd wear his first week on the bus and at school.  Don't know what it was about the nametag -- but whatever it was -- it got both of us.  Wowza.  The kids have already started bugging me about "are you going to cry when the bus comes on the first day AGAIN?"   Lovely creatures.

The carpets have been cleaned.  Yeah!  They're not drying very quickly..so the house is a bit topsy-turvy with everything moved.  I think we're gonna try to re-do the basement...perhaps make the back half a scrap/office area!!  That would rock.  Just trying to wrap my head around how to make it work and look nice.  No clutter!

Back to work tomorrow  -- then off for four days for the start of school. (Wknd/Mon/Tues)  I can't believe summer is on the way out.  I could use a little more pool time .... tan time....baseball in the backyard...evenings on the deck with my lit up umbrella....aaaah.  Darn the clock and its fast moving hands!  Darn it all.  

Wow, I think I'm starting to fall asleep while proofreading.  I'm pooped.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Vaca Pics

And yes, I could already use another vacation.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

I'm Back

I'm back ... but pretty busy this week getting back on track ... so I'll probably wait 'til this weekend to post pics from our trip and blog.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Packed and Ready

It's 1:59 am. We're packed and ready ... but I'm not tired yet. Probably excitement and the adrenaline of a jam-packed day.

Anyone want to guess how many shoes I packed? It's a game my husband and I play. I love shoes. Really, one should be fine w/a good pair of flip flops and perhaps one other pair of sandals for a week at the beach. Nah! So guess.

Alarm's gonna go off at 4:30. 2 1/2 hours from now. That's gonna hurt. See ya later!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

NEW POLL! Scroll down..down...down


That's what I will be this week.  In fact, I hope there's some big breaking news to force me to stay in the game ... or else I'm going to be drooling at my desk counting the days hours and minutes 'til we hit the road for our vacation.  

We spent the wknd doing the monumental task of preparing ... buying stuff to "surprise" the kids with when things get restless in the car ... and getting snacks and preparing other stuff.  

I got a mani/pedi .. gotta have bright toenails in the sand!  SAND!  See...it's all I can think about.  

I am actually looking forward to the drive ... just getting AWAY and seeing the country fly by.  No restrictions.  No "gotta get there by so and so time" -- we're on OUR time.  Countless games of 20 questions, I SPY , and baseball trivia (blech!)  And yes, countless times to yell "STOP THAT" "BE QUIET" "TURNAROUND" "STOP CRYING."

Which reminds me  - today I actually said to one of the boys "You better not be getting blood everywhere."  To which Ryan responded "Said Mother of the Year." (Just so you know - he was messing with a 'squito bite - I'm not THAT cruel.)  Yeah, countless things like that is what it's all about.  (Tell me that when I'm gritting my teeth and preparing to stretch my arm back three rows to grab some kid and toss him out the window. )   Really.  Road trips rock.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Some Patriotic Pics

I am soooo loving that I've been having a GREAT weekend ... and it is only SATURDAY! Whoo hooo! Here are some pics from the 4th ... it was hard to pick just a few...there's lots of good ones -- check out our slideshow on our family website TheGerdings.com. (Oh, you may be wondering who the cute little girl is ... that's our niece, Kate.)

Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy Independence Day!

I love the Fourth of July.  It brings everyone out of their homes ... outside ... to wave to neighbors and enjoy the day.  Picnics...swimming...small neighborhood fireworks...and large community displays.  Everyone is smiling and enjoying themselves.

We started the day at Lowe's.  That's pretty All-American right? We bought some new light fixtures for the house ... which by the way, is pretty patriotic looking now with it's new paint ... "Distance" (Old Blue) ... with "White Duck" (Cream trim) and "Red Bay" on the door.  Our new flag ties it altogether ... just in time for the 4th.  

Then we spent 3 hours at the pool!  We took a picnic lunch there and just relaxed.  We've all got some sun now.  

Then we went to Ryan's brother's house for a BBQ.  Yummy food and fun with family.  After that we all headed over to Legacy park for the big show.  It was great.  All the kids had fun ... and the night was perfect.  Perfect temperature, not muggy, no bugs...perfect.
G0d Bless America.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

As Long as We're Together

One year ago today, we were away from screaming kids, laundry, work, and all stress in general. One year ago today we celebrated our 10th anniversary in Jamaica. And it was wonderful.

One year ago today, we had a candlelight dinner on the beach. Doesn't that look fabulous?

ELEVEN years ago today I had the best night of my life -- saying I do -- and celebrating with family at the best wedding I have ever been to. So many people turned out ... and everyone let loose and had fun. I wish there was another event like that that would bring all those people together again. Eleven years ago we had no idea what the future would hold -- but knew as long as we were together, it wouldn't matter. And that is still very true. I've got it good.
Last day to vote on my poll!

Bunch o' Nothin'

Woke up to baseball games cancelled this morning because fields are wet.  Not really happy because that means make-up games ... which start to push into when we're gone for Hilton Head.  

It's supposed to be a beautiful weekend.  Funny, last night I stayed late to finish up some administrative work .. and the meteorologist saw me, and I think he was afraid to leave if I was still there.  I asked him about the storms -- but I was asking as a "civilian" who was about to drive home .. not a "boss" who was worried about whether he stayed.  He kept assuring me the storms were not tornadic.   I told him - hey, go home at your own risk!  That only unsettled him more. Poor guy.   It's kind of hard to get across "hey, I'm just being a person right now - not someone who's gonna get you in trouble."  (Because I was trying to get across -- just make a decision; if it's iffy -- you better stay, if not, go ... YOU'RE the meteorologist...it's on you dude!)

That was a random post.  I started talking about weather then traveled down a weird road.  Like this -- people were actually calling us last night because our weather bug (the thing that shows a map then radar of stormy areas in the corner of your screen) was NOT up.  Hello?  You WANT it on your screen?  Viewers are so weird.  

Ok enough weather for pete's sake.  Today is my 11th wedding anniversary.  This time last year I was probably snoozing on the beach in Jamaica.  Man that was a great trip.  I think I'll look through pics and enjoy that trip again in my mind.  

We're going to the Melting Pot tonight .. late because Jack has baseball at 6pm (unless it gets cancelled too.)  We're going to the Royals game tomorrow.  Some celebration, eh?  Oh well, it's still the weekend.   And it will be a short week.  

Well, that was a whole lot of nothing, wasn't it?  

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Busy Week & Wknd

Jack had baseball camp all last week .. and I went to work out while I was in that area (Legacy Park) .. and it kind of gets things all out of sorts.  I need to catch up on cleaning and general "Family-Upkeep."

The weekend was real busy too.  Enjoyable.  But busy. 

I could use a day .. alone .. to catch up and maybe take a nap!  

Oh, I tried to have a Coke today.  Spilled it!  There's some joke in there about premature something-or-other to go along with the previous "food porn" posts....but I won't go there.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Not posting ... but for good reason

Haven't been posting as much ... but have had a lot going on. Some changes at work have increased my workload - kind of temporarily as we adjust.

And I'm trying to be more healthy -- which means doing active things instead of sitting here on my bum typing.

We're using the Legacy Park Community center now ... the boys enjoy the play room .. and I can go do whatever (swim/walk/workout) without worrying about them ... which has been the big hold back on going there. Yeah! Ryan's been good about going too. Hopefully this can be a new lifestyle...rather than something that flames out.

Oh....and again. I've dropped Coke. Massive headache on day one. Day two I just CRAVED it SOOO bad. I'm not even doing diet or anything -- I need a clean break to really let go. I may treat myself on Saturdays only - and in moderation. Maybe.

Ok ... enough computer time. Time to water flowers and generally keep movin'!~

Saturday, June 14, 2008


As I sit here and watch the coverage of the life and death of newsman Tim Russert, I feel small.

He was journalism with a capital J.  I once touted the capital J with pride and righteousness.  Not so much anymore.  Now it's more about ratings and the bottom line.

I used to follow politics with great interest ... and other "issues" ... but not so much anymore.  Much in the way a death reminds folks to hold people closer ... the death of Tim Russert - the "everyman" journalist -- reminds me of the true purpose of journalism.  It makes me want to step back and remember from where I came.

"Wise shall be the bearers of light."  It's inscribed in the walls of the greatest journalism school in the world.  The journalism school where I learned and embraced the ideals.  Walter Williams wrote "I believe in the Profession of Journalism" to begin the journalist's creed that I have framed in my home ... but have not looked at in so long.

The man Tim Russert was - as a journalist and dedicated father and son -- set the standard.  Now if only all journalists could attempt to work to rise to that standard...and attempt to reach the bar that he set so high.  Maybe the general public would finally gain interest .... and there would  be shift from info-tainment back to news gathering/reporting.

He's one of the few journalists I did not get to meet.   Probably because he worked so hard -- instead of going to conventions.  But he had impact.

God Bless Tim Russert.
Our prayers are with his family ... and his news family.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Funny Story / Gross Story

Let's go funny first.

I can be a really stupid smart person sometimes. Here's an example. We're covering the trial of a man named "Shy Bland." He's the Westport Rapist. (You're thinking, "wait, she said this was gonna be funny?" Hang w/me...we'll get there.) He was the man who gripped Westport in fear for like a year ... and then was finally caught and convicted and sent to prison for 115 years. Well, he now faces like 33 more charges on 11 new rapes connected to him during that time. He will be the most prolific rapist in Jackson County. So -- based on that, it's a very interesting story. We decided at the last minute to put a reporter on the first day of court. (Normally the first day is very boring - but it was a slow news day, we were hurting, and this case is very high profile and the new charges are interesting.)

The reporter gets to the courthouse and after a while sends an email to managers, desk, and producers to say "Bland trial is over. I should have something for 4." I see his email and quickly respond, "This is NOT a bland trial - it is VERY interesting with lots of details. I'm sure you can work your magic and make this a good story." In my head, I'm thinking this reporter is poo-pooing the story, and of course, when I replied to him, I hit "reply all." And to top it off, I went in to the Asst. News Directors office as she was on the phone w/that reporter to make sure she was telling him we were switching what show he'd be in ... and she asked me -- "we're talking about the bland trial right?" And I go "It's not bland - it's a goood story!" She just looked at me funny and continued her conversation.

Fast forward to probably a good 20 minutes later. I'm sitting at my desk. The newsroom is relatively quiet. And it hits me. Out loud I yell; "Oh. My. God. I am SUCH an idiot." And start laughing. The producer next to me goes -- "Wait, wait -- I know what it is...the email right?" And I'm like -- "why didn't anyone say anything??" And they're lauging at me. HELLO. THE MAN'S NAME IS BLAND! IT'S NOT A DESCRIPTION OF HOW COURT WENT.
I am laughing too -- though I feel my face turning red. Derrrrr. Then I remember a desk guy said out loud something like "Bland details - that's funny" after I replied and I didn't realize at the time he thought I was making a joke. Yeah, nothing like being a moron for everyone to see.

Now the Gross Story:

So, I'm sleeping. I'm having a dream that I'm a reporter - a specific one I work with, and I'm in the field and in a live truck (that really looks more like my mini - van) and we're having a discussion about lightning and when it's really safe to go live. Then suddenly, something is burning in my mouth/throat and I'm telling for someone to OPEN THE DOOR OPEN THE DOOR because I guess if the door gets opened, whatever is happening in my throat/mouth will stop. Instead I wake up. And I had started to throw up -- while sleeping. I went to the kitchen -- got some milk to settle my stomach and tried to go back to bed. I had laid down for like 2 seconds and I was up again heading for the kitchen (I don't know why - I think I was still a little delirious). I then proceded to toss my guts out in the kitchen sink .... occasionally turning on the garbage disposal. Which, by the way, is not a bad way to go. It was dark - so I couldn't see - which is good, because sometimes seeing this can make it last longer than it needs to. I could turn on the faucet and try to clean out my mouth and wash my face, and I could send everything down the garbage disposal. Plus, I was much more comfortable standing up. (And heck yeah, I disinfected it the next day.)

But how weird is that? I didn't feel sick at all ... The last thing I had to eat before going to bed was a slice of blueberry pie. It had been sitting out on the counter instead of being refridgerated...and maybe that's it. I didn't feel sick the next morning either. Some friends suggested stress ... but I've never had that happen before and I go through all kinds of various stress. Needless to say the pie has been tossed. And I put it in the trash too. (Ha ha.)

Saturday, June 7, 2008


It's hard for me to hang out with friends.  Hell, it's hard for me to maintain friendships -- period.  Just because I lead an oddball lifestyle that doesn't give me normal time to buddy-up.  And I'm really not a phone talker.  I think I over-did it in high school and college .. and now iddle chit-chat on the phone keeps me from other things.

And because I really don't see the family much  -- all of us all together -- during the week, there's always immense guilt about doing something other than giving them every second of my time on the weekends.  

This morning I made an effort.  I got my hate-to-get-out-of-bed-on-a-weekend ass up early this morning and trekked clear out to the northland.  And I mean -- way the heck out there.  I kept thinking I musta missed my exit ... but no....it's just THAT far.  And when I got there .... I went to a scrap store where scrap friends met up to shop.  That in itself is fun .. I had some extra "winnings" left to spend ... and fun people to just be in the same store with.

But then I had to leave.  The boys had overlapping baseball games and I needed to get back.  Kyle has really noticed lately that he doesn't see me much....so I couldn't stand not to see his game.  He always runs up to hit -- and looks out into the crowd for his "fans."  And Jack's been getting so confident - - I don't want to miss how much he is improving .   Nick's FIRST T-ball game was today...and he was very excited.

But dang.  It sucked to leave.  They were all gonna walk to a place for lunch ... and just sit and chat .... adults....women.  Chatting and laughing, and we always have such a hard time getting everyone together...and I was gonna miss out.  

I did the right thing.  Kyle got the game ball for hitting two bombs way out in the field -- and got three in the park homeruns. (Technically because he was the last batter each time.)  And Jack hit a TRIPLE!  And was so happy he threw his hands up on third base and was smiling so big ..... and looking right at me to make sure I saw.  Yeah, I was in the right place.


I hate getting up early on the weekends.

Cheerful morning people are annoying.  And my kids are cheerful (or maybe just loud) morning people.  I like quiet tones 'til about 10am when I've fully woken up.

Grumpy guss.

Lots going on this weekend.  Hopefully there will be some relaxing.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

The Poll is Updated

News Challenge

This was a good one.

I was in the control room -- just getting "comfortable" with severe weather coverage with a tornado warning and some severe t-storms. I had just started rounding up phoners ... with reporters giving us a few hits here and there. The chopper was in Douglas County showing lowering of the clouds ... and I had just sent it from there clear to Grandview where there was cloud rotation.

Then I get a note that one of the reporters is moving to a 2 alarm fire. I wonder if it is lightning and shrug it off. Not much trumps weather coverage. Then someone in master control yells over the control room speakers -- 'There's a big fire in the citycam - look!' At first I think someone is joking .... then I look up. Holy cow!

The director wants to put it on the air. I want to know what the heck it is - awkward to just put it up with Katie talking about weather if it's not weather related. So I call for anchors on set - and tell Katie here comes a pic of a fire -- POSSIBLY started by lightning .

I then ask for double boxes so we can show both the weather situation and the burning fire.
Crazy. Of course, the poor chopper is clear in the Grandview area and now trying to make it to KCK ... in a storm. Thank goodness for live streaming cellphone video. (And low on fuel. Darn the need for fuel!)

And thank goodness for my bladder of steel. 3 1/2 hours of continuous coverage!
Loved every minute of it.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Yes, my blog has been boring and unchanged for quite some time. May Sweeps was pretty intense. And we're launching a new graphics system that has taken a lot of my time. And I got sick.

Excuses, excuses.

Hopefully I can get back to updating now.

The Five:
1. Annoyed. I have no knives or forks here and trying to eat meat.
2. Pleased. No major meltdowns with first day of new gfx system.
3. Happy that it's already Wednesday!
4. Fashionable. I like my new outfit I'm wearing today.
5. Rested. No more school and getting up early for the bus!!

1. I had a knife & fork.
2. My husband forgives me for the HUGE craft mess I made today and didn't clean up in my mad rush to get something done for work.
3. I had a chocolate bar. I think I'll go get one!
4. More people would Tweet with me.
5. I had a scrap room. ) :

Sunday, May 18, 2008

It's all Good

Saturday:  Two baseball games -- one at 9am one at 9:15.  Still manage to see both boys play.  Then off to Nick's final soccer game ... where he picks up a medal.  From there it was off to Kyle's preschool graduation.

I didn't really have any feelings either way about the graduation.  It wasn't going to be his last day at preschool ... he's doing the "summer camp."  So, I felt like I still had some time to consider he's "moving up."

But then he walked out, (to pomp & circumstance) with his class of little cuties in a cap and gown.  And it was all so well choreographed....they walked out in a line ... and filed into chairs, (tiny ones) just like real grads do.   Then they sang a song "Start spreading the News" ... to the tune of "New York New York" and they sang ... "we want to be a part of it, KINDERGARTEN!"  "And now we made it there, we'll make it anywhere, we're on our way KINDERGARTEN."   CRAP!  I had tears it was sooooo cute!

Then when their name was called they followed chalk arrows to walk around their peers and up onto stage, paused to receive their diploma and get a picture, before sitting down again.  Killer adorable.

From there I ran home and packed up a few things, thing drove to Sedalia to meet some friends for a quickie crop.  I finished up my card swap and assembled an album kit.  It was a fun evening of laughing and talking and scrappin.  Really glad I went.

Got up this morning and Ryan had texted me a picture of the deck ... he stained it while I was gone ... AND mowed.  That's pretty awesome considering he was home alone w/three rascals.  

I came home and we went to Jack's make-up game ... and the boy FINALLY got a hit.  We were so worried about his confidence because he had not gotten a hit yet.  But he got a single and was SO happy when he made it safe to home base.   What's even better is that at his next at bat ... after hitting foul after foul and on two strikes, he got another hit.  He again made it safe to first.  We were at the point in the game ... that if our team got just one run ... we'd win.  And Jack scored the winning run.  Thank goodness.  We're so happy for him and it did his heart good.

Afterwards, we came home and played in the backyard and grilled steaks.  

All kinds of things to appreciate about this weekend.  And though it was jam-packed...it was jam-packed with good things. 

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Family Tree with Birds

Here it is...missing a few labels because I need information.
The birds represent family members - starting w/our kids, then going to us ,then our parents, and grandparents.  No aunts/uncles/cousins -- too many birds!
Click on the pic to see better detail.  I used glitter dots to show the "family connections".  (This is a scraplift from something I saw in a magazine.)

This will be the "title page" in my super big ass huge Martha Stewart album.

Big Ass Huge Scrapbook

I bought a big ass huge scrapbook today.  Much bigger than 12x12.  It's a Martha Stewart.  I plan to put portraits in it...and make it be like a coffee table book.  Though we don't really have a coffee table anymore.  Not really sure where this big ol' thing will live -- but I don't care, I'm gonna have fun with the BIG pages!!  And it will be nice to put the portraits somewhere and still enjoy them long after they've moved out of frames.

Also ... only 2 more weeks of sweeps left.  Hopefully I'll have more time for regular blogging....

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

What's this "Twitter" Thing?

Basically, it's mini updates from me ... about what I'm doing, feeling, thinking at any given moment. It's kind of that lag time between blogs -- when I really don't have a "blog's worth" of stuff to write ... And I can do it from anywhere. If I'm sitting in traffic, I can text out a "twitter" to say "Construction in KC blows" and poof -- it shows up on the web -- and even on my blog. It's kind of addictive once you get started - beware. At first I didn't get it -- seemed dumb, useless, whatever, now ... I like it!

Here are some sites to help you understand Twittering. This first is a real cool video that explains it in VERY simple terms.


Simple Overview:

New York Times Dude talks about trying it:

Follow me on the twitter page at: (it's the same words that pop up on my blog -- just on a different page.)

Saturday, May 3, 2008

I love Saturday

No makeup. Messy hair. Comfy clothes. If the house is messy, it's messy. If I want to tickle a boy -- I've got all three at my mercy. Smiling kids at sports. Not-too-healthy food. Coke. Often bra-free. Conversations with my husband in person. Occasional scrapping. Lots of just sitting. Sunshine! Homecooked dinner (on the same night it was made, not in tupperware the next day.) Puttering. Giving my flowers love. Freshly mowed lawn. And ... there's one more day like this ahead.
Aaaaaaah. Yeah, that's the stuff.

Random pic: the fam. this morning freezing at Kyle's baseball game.


Friday, May 2, 2008

Control Freak

I just tried to hijack the noon show ... from home. Apparently they "have it under control." Uh huh. I wrote a cold open. I puttered. I fretted. I gave some direction. I stressed a couple people out.

But you know what? They do have it under control. I suppose extended weather coverage can actually happen without me. *sigh*

Stand back when I get in.

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Big Heart

I love that picture of Jack and Ryan so much -- it's hard to blog and move it down from front and center! It touches me so much every time I see it. He had broken into sobs DURING the game when the other team scored a second goal in the second half. He was on the field and I was wishing the coach would bench him ... or that I could catch his eye to try to encourage him to keep going. I remember feeling embarrassed that my kid was crying, while the others were being "tough." Which is what I prefer ... "be tough."

Then I was touched when the coach DID sit him down, and put his hands on Jack's shoulders and talked to him for so long, the asst. coach had to come over and tell Coach to get back in the game. I appreciated that. Jack's coach is such a good guy. He is so lucky.

Anyway, Jack steeled himself, and played again without the visible tears. Then after the game ... when all the parents lined up to make the "tunnel" the kids run through (isn't that cool?)...I could see his red eyes, and that he was trying to hold his tears in.

Then I headed for our stuff ... so Ryan could go listen to coach talking to the kids after the game...and I looked back and saw that picture: Jack with his head on Ryan's shoulder. I only snapped one shot. I didn't want to intrude on the moment. Ryan says Jack sobbed as soon as daddy hugged him. I was still feeling edgy about my "not tough" kid.

Then it was medal time. The kids all got real nice medals -- for their big second place accomplishment. And as the coach handed them out, he said something nice about each kid and we applauded. When he got to Jack, he talked about Jack's big heart. And that struck me. A big heart. What mom wouldn't be proud of that? My kid is passionate about something. That's a good thing. That's my boy.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Heartbreak in Field 13


All the way to the championship ... then, the agony of defeat. What a season. Great kids, and great coaches.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Stress! (In a good way)

Jack's in tournament play ... he got a "bye" out of his first round and played the second game today.  It stayed soooo close the entire time -- and ended 1-1.  So, because it was tournament play -- they had a shoot out.  And then THAT tied ... so we do it again, with kids who didn't kick the first time ...sudden death.  And won.  Man, what that does to a mother!  Ack!  Tomorrow, another game - and if they win, they play for the championship.

Then ... it starts all over next weekend with baseball.  

( :

No Frost!

There's a frost potential sometime this weekend....and considering all the flowers I JUST planted...I'm really hoping that doesn't happen here!  I'm DONE being cold!  I even put all my winter clothes away.  Grrrr.

So, it's Saturday.  Mom survived the week (so far.)  I'm on call this weekend (boo.)

I hope to finish my LOVE chipboard book today.  It's not turning out wonderful - it was hard to wrap my brain around scrapping on the weird shape - and keeping in mind the other side.  But it was a good exercise ... and I think my future chipboard books will be better.  I am going to unbind it - because it's just gotten too fat and won't close.  I'll hold it together with rings or ribbon or something.  So...hopefully I post that "Complete" project this weekend!

Friday, April 25, 2008

Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Tomorrow is the first day of sweeps (all your favorite shows come back with new runs.)

So .... I won't be around as much. I may Twitter - because that takes like 2 seconds.

But no worries ... I'm just entrenched in sweeps for the next month.

(Updates will happen most often on weekends.)

Monday, April 21, 2008


The Five:
1. Tired
2. Anxious about a new thing we're training on at work.
3. Busy
4. Hot
5. Hungry...time to make lunch!

1. I could have the week off ...
2. I could find my favorite black sweats. WHERE THE HECK ARE THEY????
3. I had remembered to buy a new curling iron over the weekend
4. I had another hour right now.
5. For a "peaceful" Monday. Once you get past Monday, you can make it.

Sunday, April 20, 2008


We got so much sun I now have a burned face! oops.  

Soccer games were chilly...but afterwards I ran to Lowe's to get a ton of flowers....and by the time I got home it was beautiful.   I cleaned up the yard and planted some flowers.

We're off to the airport now to pick up my mom who's visiting for the whole week...then I'll finish the flowers and clean up the lawn furniture so we can sit outside today and ENJOY.


Saturday, April 19, 2008

I Better Get Sun!

So ... it really stunk Wednesday when it was like 74 degrees and I was stuck at work.  And what helped me get through it was knowing after a couple rainy days, we were supposed to have a really nice sunny weekend.  Well, here I sit looking out the window at nothing but gray sky.  Those clouds BEST be thinkin' about moving out!!

Another topic: twittering.
I had heard about it .. my husband does it every know and then ... he works with people who do it.  Then that Brazen Careerest blog I like talked about it and that she was going to try it .. so I decided, why not?
Twittering is basically microblogging.  It's sort of like sending instant messages to the world.  I'm still a little leery about it - I don't think people REALLY want to know what I'm doing every second of the day.  (Like having to pee, as you see above.)
But, you can twitter through your phone ... sending a text right to your blog.  I'm not explaining it well.  Google "twitter" for better explanations - or go to twitter.com .

And another topic: today:
Ryan and Kyle are at TBall practice right now.  It's the first one.  I'm anxious to hear if the coach is over-the-top like he seems in his emails.  We've been real lucky so far to have very cool, level-headed, coaches for all the boys' sports.  (People who teach the kids to be competitive - but focus on the FUN.)

They'll bring home lunch, then we have soccer at 1:50 and 2pm.  That's rough because we have to split up to watch both boys ... but nice, because we'll be done early today and I can come home and work in the yard.  IF THE SUN COMES OUT.

Ryan just called...apparently Kyle's coach is some dude from the Johnny Dare show on 98.1....and very cool....and fun.  That's good to hear.  The station is doing cool stuff for the kids...putting their names on their shirts, etc.  And Ryan says one of the kids on Kyle's team is the next door neighbor boy he plays with a lot.  So ... that's all working out great!

I guess I'll put some clothes on.  It's only 46 degrees right now darnit.
Come on SUN SUN SUN. 

Friday, April 18, 2008


Karen brought me a Carmel Machiatto from Starbucks tonight...it was like about 8pm ...so I'm so AWAKE.

So, I'm home now at 11:40pm ..and I told Ryan there's no way I'm falling asleep any time soon ... so now I'm watching "Superbad."

People talk about it all the time....so it's one of those...like Napolean Dynamite that you watch just to be up with pop culture.

So far....totally a guy movie. 

Wasting Time

I HATE wasting time. I live and die by the clock - I mean REALLY. (It's part of my job -- newscasts have to end on time -- no matter how much -- or how little -- news there is. And they always start on time - whether you're ready or not.)

And today: I was given the gift of time. My darling husband arranged it so I'd have the morning to myself. I could sleep in ... (barking dogs woke me up) ... and then I could do some cleaning around the house I've been wanting to do without my little shadow ... or munchkins messing up all my work. And it is now 10:36 and I have done NOTHING. Bwack!

I came down to the computer at 10am. And I'm still here. Wasting time! It's amazing how you can get sucked into ... oh, I'm gonna check this and this ... and respond to emails with Gore Vidal verbosity. I. Can't. Pull. Myself. Away!

Ok ... time to hit the house....I'll just work faster to make up for lost TIME.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Kids' Blogs

The kids have updated their blogs. It's very cute to find that Jack has blogged ... without anyone asking him if he has. I love "Kyle is coming to town." Very sweet. (We don't nag him about it...but every now and then I ask if he's still interested.) Nick loves to have his picture taken -- and then wants the picture on the blog right away.

I didn't have very much to say in my own blog ... I'm kind of groggy this morning (probably because it's so gray outside.) Maybe later.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Just the Five

The Five:

1. Unfocused

(I was told that I appear to have "senioritis" today. Yeah, I'm having trouble focusing. Especially when the temperature on my computer says 74 and I'm cooped up inside.)

2. Consumed. One issue is consuming me and I need to let it go. Let it go! Stop overthinking! I'm a crazy person talking to myself here.

3. Uncomfortable. My shirt is not fitting right and I hate that.

4. Anxious. For the weekend. And warm weather and playing.

5. Heavy case of screen suck. I have GOT to get away from the computer for a LONG period of time.

Five Wishes:

I wish..

1. I could play hooky. I wanna go outside and play!!! Waaah!

2. I could veg. Don't feel like working!

3. A project I've been working on would finish itself. I just can't get into it.

4. Everyone saw things my way. (ha ha ha ha)

5. I could take a week off work and not lose any vaca time. Ah to Dream!

My "yahoo" horoscope today:

This is the start of a repositioning period among the people in your social circle. Folks are shifting alliances and old friendship ties are breaking -- but just temporarily speaking. It's perfectly natural for people to want to mix up who they spend their time with, so do not worry that this is the end of something. The strong bonds that hold you all together are all still there, they just might be arranged a little differently for the next few weeks.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Uncovered in Corners: Deep Thoughts

Logging on super quick with this:

I was at the dentist's office today (don't even get me started on that) and I was half-heartedly looking through a "Working Moms" magazine. I came across a spot with quotes...and there was this one quote about;

--If the world around you is spinning and confusing and going nutty -- stand still. You'll find your direction. ---

I get that! I've been bobbing and weaving with some stuff...and sometimes you just need to chill. Stop. Wait. And Voila -- the answer/direction/peace. I was meant to come across that quote.

Something else I was meant to see ... Awhile back I did a google search on "Managing Up" and came across this blog. It has all sorts of helpful stuff I can apply in the workplace...interesting perspectives. And this blog entry in particular spoke to me. I could have done w/out the gross foot fungus ... but that's how she made her point. And I TOTALLY do this. Do you?


Ah Perchance to Sleep! To Dream!

I can't sleep.  Kind of ironic since I was so dead tired last week.  It's like 2:20 in the morning.  My stupid brain won't shut up.  And it's too late to take any sort of sleep aid.  Of course, getting on the computer was dumb.  I've read it's a bad idea because the light from the monitor stirs your brain and makes it harder to get tired.  Ok, it was more scientific than that, but I don't remember the real explanation.   But, it's something to do.

I could start an email I've been promising Karlyn now for ages.  I'm supposed to catch her up on my life....perhaps I'll bore myself to sleep.  Her email catching me up on her life was interesting... mine will read like an episode of "Everybody Loves Raymond."  You know:  "and then my husband annoyed me and we laughed and the kids did stuff and we laughed."  

Karlyn - I'm sorry I haven't sent that promised email.  But I still think about you all the time and love that you occassionally drop in and leave posts.  I've been thinking about sending an actual letter.  You know, the thing you write with a pen on paper.  Do people even do that anymore?

I mean, sure, we still get cards every now and then - with two or three lines...but I'm talking a nice long handwritten letter you can pour over then cherish.  That sounds nice.  And with that, I can start it and keep working on it and then send it when I can't think of anymore to say.  Yes, I like this idea.  I'll start your letter on a notebook I can carry around with me - and give it some time every day.  Time.  Now there's the problem.   I'll figure it out.

2:32.  Ugh.  And I can't snooze around tomorrow.  I have a dentist appointment.  Maybe I'll fall asleep in the chair.  That would be nice.  (I think.) I HATE going to the dentist.  Blech.

The house is so quiet.  And the screen is so bright I can't see anything else.  
Well, I just rambled on about nothing for a good 10 minutes.
Didn't solve any of life's problems.  
But perhaps my overactive mind will chill.
I'll give it another shot.
Good night.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Starting Fresh.

Bring on the new week.

I'm starting fresh...and looking forward to the warm up.

The Five: (It's back!)
1. Cold
2. Full (yummy dinner tonight!)
3. At Peace
4. Slowly feeling reenergized.
5. Happy my husband is just hanging out down here because I'm down here. That's nice.

Five Wishes:
1. Wish I had my slippers on....my feet are cold.
2. Wish it was earlier ... hate that the weekend is almost over. Love my weekends.
3. Wish this blog didn't waste so much space on either side and I could figure out how to make the middle part stretch out more.
4. Wish I could find a new desk I'm happy with...this one's got to go.
5. Wish, hope, for an uneventful and easy week.

Saturday, April 12, 2008


Now that I am home thawing out from the Royals game (dudes, it SNOWED during play) it's as good time as any to do Sherry's blog challenge.  Or was is Lisa's?  Anyhooo...

What I am looking forward to about Summer:
--Sitting outside, closing my eyes and feeling the sun warm my skin. AAaaaah I miss that.  I'm sure part of my recent glumness (aside from work stress) is SAD.  (You know, that seasonal affectiveness disorder.)  This girl runs on sunshine - -and my reserve is low after this nasty non-stop winter.

I look forward to the boys playing baseball/Tball...they can't wait.

I look forward to mini-trips to various places -- this year we WILL get a camping trip in.  Love camping trips.

And as always, I look forward to the annual trip to Hilton Head ... sand between my toes, waves keepin' the beat, and RELAXING.  I'd like to go to Wanakena too ... wish we could fit it all in (and had unlimited vacation time!)

I look forward to weekends pittering around in the yard and grilling.

Aaaah....Summer....hurry up and get here!

Better Today.

So.  It's Saturday.  I got to sleep in.  Yep -- at about 10:20 I finally decided to roll out of bed.  And there was a fire going.  Love that.  

Piddled around on the computer for a bit ... 

Other things that are making me happy today:  all the boys' sports activities have been cancelled today because of the cold and field conditions.  Yahoo!  

I'm getting my haircut.  Yahoo!  It's been MONTHS.

And the boys are EXTREMELY excited that we're going to the sold out Royals game tonight.  Yeah, we'll be cold -- but they'll have fun.  We'll bundle up and hopefully get the jersey that's being handed out and eat peanuts. That's all Kyle can talk about is eating peanuts.   I shelled out some cashola to get some real good seats...and it's totally worth it since it's all the boys have talked about since we told them.

And tomorrow is Sunday.  It's the weekend.  Finally.  

And I'm thankful for my friends.  ALL of them...all the time.

Oh - I finally found a song I've wanted on my playlist ... "It's that kind of Day."

Oh oh - I made something!  Check it out!  What's amazing is that I not only put this together  (it's a kit) - I added pictures!  It's completely finished.  For me, that's good.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Friday Has Arrived

Thank goodness. I took Thursday off and did NOTHING. And I really mean NOTHING. Ok, laundry...but I took like all day to do it. I just can NOT stop sleeping. It's weird. I get Jack on the bus the go back to bed (with Nick sitting w/me watching Nick Jr) and I sleep 'til lunch time. Then I make lunch, and we go back to bed. (Except on Tues/Weds - I went to work as a zombie.) I got up and slugged around. Today, you'd think I'd be all refreshed and bouncing around, but again, I went back to sleep after getting Jack on the bus and just got up to make the boys lunch. I'm going into work and still feel like a zombie. I had a Coke last night - and the caffeine didn't even help. I don't know what the deal is ... I want to feel normal and have some energy!!! Blech.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Day Off ... Maybe

I am fried. I was able to convince folks I need a day off. So, I'm off Thursday (and I may sleep the ENTIRE day - if I can stop the dreams about rundowns and live coverage.)

BUT. Severe weather is in the forecast. That could send me RIGHT OVER THE EDGE.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Kansas Sucks..and so does our new Dyson

So ... I managed to survive a very stressful hour post game show.  I reeeeeally was not happy about doing it - and not just because I hate the jaybirds and having to be immersed in everything hawk-ish.  But because this was a show where you had to be ready to go the second the game ended -- but could not plan on an outcome.  If that makes any sense.  Lovely Catch 22 : didn't want them to win, cuz I hate 'em.  But, if they lost, it makes for a tough live hour show.  So .. them winning certainly helped my efforts last night ... couldn't go wrong w/a liveshot from freaking mass celebratory hysteria in Lawrence.  But could I be relieved it was over?  No.  Because now that they've won ... we've got an hour AND A HALF special Monday AND another hour postgame (with the stress of not knowing which way it'll go.)  And guess who has to do it all?  Yep.  I tried to tell my boss that I was going to be sick on Monday.  Didn't fly.  So, while I enjoy Sunday without work -- I still have the stress hanging over me for the Monday marathon.

So yes, if I didn't hate Kansas enough before ... now I truly loathe them.

And speaking of things that suck:  we just bought a Dyson.  You know - the "top of the line" vacuum cleaner.  Ours appeared to make more of a mess that it cleaned...and lots of people had highly recommended them.  It seemed odd to spend so much on a freakin' vacuum ... and to do "research" - - it's a VACUUM.  But, it's supposed to be a good investment.  So, we bought one.  And as I sit here typing, my HUSBAND is vacuuming the floor ... vacuuming the upholstry ... and even vacuuming the blinds.  (Using the on board attachment thingy-jigs.)  And I'm sitting here.  Ah, the draw of a new toy.  I'm no ... sucker.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Another Reason to HATE Kansas

Stupid Jaybirds.
Because of them I'm losing my Saturday night at home.
Hate them hate them hate them hate them.
And I hope they lose. BIG.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008


I'm tired. I really couldn't get up today. Part of it is my normal tired. Part of it is that time of month seems to sap energy. And part of it is, I assume, depression.

I'm tired of trying so hard to help people get better...and still being the bad guy. I'm tired of seeing the same mistakes over and over. I'm tired of being told the same thing, and not being given the tools to fix x, y, or z. I'm tired of being the bad guy. Yeah, I said that already once, but it's starting to get to me.

I'm tired of not having time to myself. Getting up earlier than my body can function.

I'm tired of doing extra for nothing.

I'm tired of how I look, but too tired to do anything about it. I think I last got a haircut in January. It looks bad.

And now I'm tired of blogging.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Scrap Update

So, in my continuing effort to pare down the crap everywhere, I've tackled layouts that I did in CKU or store classes or whatever, that either just needed pictures added or the second page done or whatever. It's actually made it appear as if I'm cranking out layouts -- when actually, I'm just forcing myself to "complete" these huge stack of layouts that are oh-so-close to being done. Of course some of them are dated ... or because they're a CKU class or something, not really my style, but they're getting done and "albumed." This is a good thing. I've taken some pictures and FINALLY updated my slide show ... which was so boring with the same darn thing all the time. I'll update the other one soon too. My blog was getting so stale!

So ... back to work, I'll update more pages as I get them done. Oh, and GO DAVIDSON!

Saturday, March 29, 2008


Some of my fav shots from Easter ... including the boy in pink ... who did not protest, and darn it, he looked CUTE! All my kids looked like eggs!

Nick wanted to take some of his Easter goodies to church ... hence the arms loaded and tears. And yes, some of the goodies DID go to church...

More photos in the Gerding Photo Album....