Quote of the Week

"We Must be Willing to Give Up the Life We Have Planned, So As to Have the Life that is Waiting for Us."
-Joseph Campbell
Week of Aug 12, 2013

Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Yes, my blog has been boring and unchanged for quite some time. May Sweeps was pretty intense. And we're launching a new graphics system that has taken a lot of my time. And I got sick.

Excuses, excuses.

Hopefully I can get back to updating now.

The Five:
1. Annoyed. I have no knives or forks here and trying to eat meat.
2. Pleased. No major meltdowns with first day of new gfx system.
3. Happy that it's already Wednesday!
4. Fashionable. I like my new outfit I'm wearing today.
5. Rested. No more school and getting up early for the bus!!

1. I had a knife & fork.
2. My husband forgives me for the HUGE craft mess I made today and didn't clean up in my mad rush to get something done for work.
3. I had a chocolate bar. I think I'll go get one!
4. More people would Tweet with me.
5. I had a scrap room. ) :

Sunday, May 18, 2008

It's all Good

Saturday:  Two baseball games -- one at 9am one at 9:15.  Still manage to see both boys play.  Then off to Nick's final soccer game ... where he picks up a medal.  From there it was off to Kyle's preschool graduation.

I didn't really have any feelings either way about the graduation.  It wasn't going to be his last day at preschool ... he's doing the "summer camp."  So, I felt like I still had some time to consider he's "moving up."

But then he walked out, (to pomp & circumstance) with his class of little cuties in a cap and gown.  And it was all so well choreographed....they walked out in a line ... and filed into chairs, (tiny ones) just like real grads do.   Then they sang a song "Start spreading the News" ... to the tune of "New York New York" and they sang ... "we want to be a part of it, KINDERGARTEN!"  "And now we made it there, we'll make it anywhere, we're on our way KINDERGARTEN."   CRAP!  I had tears it was sooooo cute!

Then when their name was called they followed chalk arrows to walk around their peers and up onto stage, paused to receive their diploma and get a picture, before sitting down again.  Killer adorable.

From there I ran home and packed up a few things, thing drove to Sedalia to meet some friends for a quickie crop.  I finished up my card swap and assembled an album kit.  It was a fun evening of laughing and talking and scrappin.  Really glad I went.

Got up this morning and Ryan had texted me a picture of the deck ... he stained it while I was gone ... AND mowed.  That's pretty awesome considering he was home alone w/three rascals.  

I came home and we went to Jack's make-up game ... and the boy FINALLY got a hit.  We were so worried about his confidence because he had not gotten a hit yet.  But he got a single and was SO happy when he made it safe to home base.   What's even better is that at his next at bat ... after hitting foul after foul and on two strikes, he got another hit.  He again made it safe to first.  We were at the point in the game ... that if our team got just one run ... we'd win.  And Jack scored the winning run.  Thank goodness.  We're so happy for him and it did his heart good.

Afterwards, we came home and played in the backyard and grilled steaks.  

All kinds of things to appreciate about this weekend.  And though it was jam-packed...it was jam-packed with good things. 

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Family Tree with Birds

Here it is...missing a few labels because I need information.
The birds represent family members - starting w/our kids, then going to us ,then our parents, and grandparents.  No aunts/uncles/cousins -- too many birds!
Click on the pic to see better detail.  I used glitter dots to show the "family connections".  (This is a scraplift from something I saw in a magazine.)

This will be the "title page" in my super big ass huge Martha Stewart album.

Big Ass Huge Scrapbook

I bought a big ass huge scrapbook today.  Much bigger than 12x12.  It's a Martha Stewart.  I plan to put portraits in it...and make it be like a coffee table book.  Though we don't really have a coffee table anymore.  Not really sure where this big ol' thing will live -- but I don't care, I'm gonna have fun with the BIG pages!!  And it will be nice to put the portraits somewhere and still enjoy them long after they've moved out of frames.

Also ... only 2 more weeks of sweeps left.  Hopefully I'll have more time for regular blogging....

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

What's this "Twitter" Thing?

Basically, it's mini updates from me ... about what I'm doing, feeling, thinking at any given moment. It's kind of that lag time between blogs -- when I really don't have a "blog's worth" of stuff to write ... And I can do it from anywhere. If I'm sitting in traffic, I can text out a "twitter" to say "Construction in KC blows" and poof -- it shows up on the web -- and even on my blog. It's kind of addictive once you get started - beware. At first I didn't get it -- seemed dumb, useless, whatever, now ... I like it!

Here are some sites to help you understand Twittering. This first is a real cool video that explains it in VERY simple terms.


Simple Overview:

New York Times Dude talks about trying it:

Follow me on the twitter page at: (it's the same words that pop up on my blog -- just on a different page.)

Saturday, May 3, 2008

I love Saturday

No makeup. Messy hair. Comfy clothes. If the house is messy, it's messy. If I want to tickle a boy -- I've got all three at my mercy. Smiling kids at sports. Not-too-healthy food. Coke. Often bra-free. Conversations with my husband in person. Occasional scrapping. Lots of just sitting. Sunshine! Homecooked dinner (on the same night it was made, not in tupperware the next day.) Puttering. Giving my flowers love. Freshly mowed lawn. And ... there's one more day like this ahead.
Aaaaaaah. Yeah, that's the stuff.

Random pic: the fam. this morning freezing at Kyle's baseball game.


Friday, May 2, 2008

Control Freak

I just tried to hijack the noon show ... from home. Apparently they "have it under control." Uh huh. I wrote a cold open. I puttered. I fretted. I gave some direction. I stressed a couple people out.

But you know what? They do have it under control. I suppose extended weather coverage can actually happen without me. *sigh*

Stand back when I get in.