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"We Must be Willing to Give Up the Life We Have Planned, So As to Have the Life that is Waiting for Us."
-Joseph Campbell
Week of Aug 12, 2013

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Ok, So it Wasn't a One Day Job

We're calling it a day. We've put everything back into the garage -- and now it's a mess.  But a more organized mess!  And tomorrow, it will be much easier to deal with.  We bought hooks, a new closet thingy, a new toy organizer and such to keep things in place better.  It's already just so much better.  I had like 20 hundred shoe boxes I was "saving" -- which have come in handy for Valentine's Day and other school projects.  I managed to pair that down significantly ... and also parted with a lot of other "junk" I was saving for silly reasons.  So we've got a big ol' trash pile and big ol' donate pile.  

Now - my funny story I mentioned in the previous post:
This man and woman start driving real slow toward our house.  I'm thinking -- they think I'm having a garage sale and are scoping me out.  I start working to make it clear I'm organizing/cleaning.  They slow down more.  I looked at them -- and try again to give the "move on" signals.  Then they STOP .. the man gets out and pulls out his wallet.  The woman gets out and comes around to him and takes money.  She then WALKS TOWARD ME.  I immediately say:  "I am not having a garage sale - just cleaning out."  She goes -- kind of snippy -- "Oh, I know."   Ok - here's the best part:  she's like Indian or Pakistani or something and turns and speaks that language to her husband.  (I point that out only because I prob could have understood Spanish or French.)  Then proceeds to walk down the street.  And I'm thinking:  Lady, you speak any secret language you want... I KNOW you just told him, "I'm going to walk down the street so I don't look like an idiot and pretend like I was going somewhere else." He is like the dumb husband who just follows orders -- gets in the car and slowly follows her as she walks IN THE STREET, down the street -- not even on the side where's there's a sidewalk.  Looking completely out of place.  I sort of roll my eyes and get back to work.  (I mean geez *I* should be the one embarrassed w/all the crap and mess!)  I look down the street, and hubby has stopped.  She walks up to the car - then see's I'm looking - and THEN WAVES OFF THE HUSBAND and walks down the street some more.  Dude the gig is up! Get in the car!  Crazy.

The "This isn't fun anymore" Break

5:30.  Still a bunch of stuff outside.  Inside is looking great - but my feet are killing me and I can't think anymore.  It's overwhelming.  I'm pooped and gross and tired of dead June bugs. Ick.

Funny story about lady who thought we were having a garage sale - but then pretended she didn't ... too tired to tell it now.  Will after I get my second wind.

Lunch Break

I posted my last blog then headed straight outside to start taking everything out of the garage.  Now everything is out (and our front yard looks like a tornado hit a garage sale).  We're taking a lunch break.  So, that's like 2 and a half hours just to take the stuff out!! Wow.  

Funny moment ... of course, kids are re-discovering toys as we're pulling stuff out .. and one is this kind of pop up thing -- it pops open and you can throw balls into it ... and Nick is trying to figure out how to pop it open and what it is... and he, in the correct tone and everything, says: "What the hell is this?"

Ryan and I both pause in our various states of carrying stuff and look at each other like - did he, yeah, he did ... keep movin'.  Of course, there's the quick "You're the one who says that!" "No you are." argument ... then we just laugh.

Quick Funny

So, bless my husband.  He does all the grocery shopping ... and occasionally, I ask him to pick up some "feminine" items for me.

Well, also on the list was what I call "goop" -- the boys have been in to having their hair kinda spikey, and I needed some gel .. .so I put that on the list and they were excited about getting "goop."

My husband hard started looking for it (if you know my husband, you understand he has no need for hair products and had some trouble finding gel.)  So he is in the kind of "drug store" area of the store, and decides to get MY stuff since he can't find the goop - and go back to look again -- and tells the boys -- we'll get your goop in a minute.

So, he gets my stuff, puts it in the cart, and proceeds to go look for goop.  Suddenly, Nick, who is in the cart, whips out a tampon - holds it up and yells, "Daddy -- Daddy is this goop??"   Ryan is like -- no, no - put it back.  Then of course, Kyle wants to know "What is that??"  Ryan is like, don't worry about it, let's go look for goop.   Then Nick grabs the package of pads, hold them high over his head "Daddy -- is THIS goop?"  
Daddy -- "No - put it down."   Nick  -- still holding it up over his head - "But what is it, what is this daddy?"

I have a feeling I may need to get my own stuff in the future.

Yeah 3 Day Wknd!

And to celebrate, we're going to spend the entire day cleaning the garage! ha ha.  We're both actually looking forward to it - it's a disaster and I've been so much better about getting RID of stuff .. this is good!

He's gonna smoke ribs so we can have a nice dinner tonight before watching the game...(Go Tigers!)

And we'll probably go to the big new Lee's Summit pool and officially end the summer. Waaaah!!!  

I'm recovering from a tough week ... Thursday especially ... at 5:45 the ND comes over to me to say the Chiefs game we're showing is delayed because of weather.  Which, was going to mess with CBS live coverage of the DNC, and we'd have to do plan B for showing Barack's speech.  So, I take this in and go back to work.  She's like -no - hello - look at me -- we have to FILL.  So, we were not going to do a 6pm news that night.  It was not planned -- the rundown was empty - and at 5:45 I'm essentially learning that we now HAVE to fill from 6 to 6:30...DOH!  It went fine -- luckily the whole reason the game was delayed was due to weather ... so we could use weather to fill ... and I grabbed some stuff out of the five ... and it was clean and went ok.  But geez!  That's a new one.   Anyway, for that, and other reasons, I'm really glad last week is over.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008


I've been sick for nearly a week and it's getting old. First throat issues ... now just some soreness in the throat, but its all moved to my chest and head. Not really sure how to treat that. Annoying.

So, my head is foggy ... and that explains the lack of blog. Actually "blog" is what my chest feels like ... "blahg."

) :

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Back to School

It's back to school time .. Jack headed off to 3rd grade this morning ...and Kyle (gasp!) hopped on the bus this afternoon for kindergarten. They both returned together on the bus...and seemed just as happy and excited as when they left. Sounds like they had a good day back!

This picture is of them getting off the bus -- Jack grabbed Kyle's hand as they crossed the street. He was really liking being the "big brother" and looking out for Kyle.

They posted some more pics on their blogs (Nick too!) And thus, the school year begins.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

I'm Pooped.

I am so pooped.  Exhausted. Kaput.

I've had a work project that had taken FOR - EV - ER...and it has NOTHING to do with news or news gathering.  It has eaten a large chunk of my time, shifted my focus, and kept me at work late.  (Last night I got home at 1:30AM!!!)  It's now done, but I can't even enjoy the relief of that because it wiped me out.

I was off today, and that should have been nice.  I had hoped to go get flowers to replant to make the yard (especially in the back) look nice for a family picnic ... but I spent the morning doing laundry, moving stuff before the carpet cleaners got here, and then dealing with a WORK thing.  Then it rained.  

We had to be at school for meet-the-teacher/curriculum night at 4p.  And there went my day.   The school stuff was cool -- teachers did their presentations on smartboards with remote controls. Very cool.  Very high-tech.   You don't even see chalkboards anymore.   Whenever I go to these things I am extremely proud of the schools my kids go to...and hell yeah, it's worth it if I'm paying higher taxes than other MO towns ... other MO towns simply don't have (award winning) schools like this.   Yeah, it's worth it.  Man, we're lucky and blessed and I appreciate what we have.  

It's weird when adults know my kids when we walked through the school.  They do have a whole other world in school-land, don't they?

Oh, and Kyle's going to kindergarten.  Ryan and I BOTH got teary when we saw the little nametag he'd wear his first week on the bus and at school.  Don't know what it was about the nametag -- but whatever it was -- it got both of us.  Wowza.  The kids have already started bugging me about "are you going to cry when the bus comes on the first day AGAIN?"   Lovely creatures.

The carpets have been cleaned.  Yeah!  They're not drying very quickly..so the house is a bit topsy-turvy with everything moved.  I think we're gonna try to re-do the basement...perhaps make the back half a scrap/office area!!  That would rock.  Just trying to wrap my head around how to make it work and look nice.  No clutter!

Back to work tomorrow  -- then off for four days for the start of school. (Wknd/Mon/Tues)  I can't believe summer is on the way out.  I could use a little more pool time .... tan time....baseball in the backyard...evenings on the deck with my lit up umbrella....aaaah.  Darn the clock and its fast moving hands!  Darn it all.  

Wow, I think I'm starting to fall asleep while proofreading.  I'm pooped.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Vaca Pics

And yes, I could already use another vacation.