Quote of the Week

"We Must be Willing to Give Up the Life We Have Planned, So As to Have the Life that is Waiting for Us."
-Joseph Campbell
Week of Aug 12, 2013

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

I'm Back

I'm back ... but pretty busy this week getting back on track ... so I'll probably wait 'til this weekend to post pics from our trip and blog.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Packed and Ready

It's 1:59 am. We're packed and ready ... but I'm not tired yet. Probably excitement and the adrenaline of a jam-packed day.

Anyone want to guess how many shoes I packed? It's a game my husband and I play. I love shoes. Really, one should be fine w/a good pair of flip flops and perhaps one other pair of sandals for a week at the beach. Nah! So guess.

Alarm's gonna go off at 4:30. 2 1/2 hours from now. That's gonna hurt. See ya later!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

NEW POLL! Scroll down..down...down


That's what I will be this week.  In fact, I hope there's some big breaking news to force me to stay in the game ... or else I'm going to be drooling at my desk counting the days hours and minutes 'til we hit the road for our vacation.  

We spent the wknd doing the monumental task of preparing ... buying stuff to "surprise" the kids with when things get restless in the car ... and getting snacks and preparing other stuff.  

I got a mani/pedi .. gotta have bright toenails in the sand!  SAND!  See...it's all I can think about.  

I am actually looking forward to the drive ... just getting AWAY and seeing the country fly by.  No restrictions.  No "gotta get there by so and so time" -- we're on OUR time.  Countless games of 20 questions, I SPY , and baseball trivia (blech!)  And yes, countless times to yell "STOP THAT" "BE QUIET" "TURNAROUND" "STOP CRYING."

Which reminds me  - today I actually said to one of the boys "You better not be getting blood everywhere."  To which Ryan responded "Said Mother of the Year." (Just so you know - he was messing with a 'squito bite - I'm not THAT cruel.)  Yeah, countless things like that is what it's all about.  (Tell me that when I'm gritting my teeth and preparing to stretch my arm back three rows to grab some kid and toss him out the window. )   Really.  Road trips rock.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Some Patriotic Pics

I am soooo loving that I've been having a GREAT weekend ... and it is only SATURDAY! Whoo hooo! Here are some pics from the 4th ... it was hard to pick just a few...there's lots of good ones -- check out our slideshow on our family website TheGerdings.com. (Oh, you may be wondering who the cute little girl is ... that's our niece, Kate.)

Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy Independence Day!

I love the Fourth of July.  It brings everyone out of their homes ... outside ... to wave to neighbors and enjoy the day.  Picnics...swimming...small neighborhood fireworks...and large community displays.  Everyone is smiling and enjoying themselves.

We started the day at Lowe's.  That's pretty All-American right? We bought some new light fixtures for the house ... which by the way, is pretty patriotic looking now with it's new paint ... "Distance" (Old Blue) ... with "White Duck" (Cream trim) and "Red Bay" on the door.  Our new flag ties it altogether ... just in time for the 4th.  

Then we spent 3 hours at the pool!  We took a picnic lunch there and just relaxed.  We've all got some sun now.  

Then we went to Ryan's brother's house for a BBQ.  Yummy food and fun with family.  After that we all headed over to Legacy park for the big show.  It was great.  All the kids had fun ... and the night was perfect.  Perfect temperature, not muggy, no bugs...perfect.
G0d Bless America.