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"We Must be Willing to Give Up the Life We Have Planned, So As to Have the Life that is Waiting for Us."
-Joseph Campbell
Week of Aug 12, 2013

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

I'm Back

I'm back ... but pretty busy this week getting back on track ... so I'll probably wait 'til this weekend to post pics from our trip and blog.


Lisa said...

YEAH!!! You're back! (I know you're not nearly as excited about this as I am but I've missed your blog posts) :)

Kerry said...

Glad you made it back safe!

Maricar said...

And so this weekend, I will spend time being jealous of all the fun you had at HHI ... and seeing the pictures will just fuel my envy! :)
A good sort of envy, but envy nonetheless.
Glad you're back, Friend!

Maricar said...

Umm, came to see pictures ... but since there aren't any, I'm leaving ...