Quote of the Week

"We Must be Willing to Give Up the Life We Have Planned, So As to Have the Life that is Waiting for Us."
-Joseph Campbell
Week of Aug 12, 2013

Saturday, June 28, 2008

As Long as We're Together

One year ago today, we were away from screaming kids, laundry, work, and all stress in general. One year ago today we celebrated our 10th anniversary in Jamaica. And it was wonderful.

One year ago today, we had a candlelight dinner on the beach. Doesn't that look fabulous?

ELEVEN years ago today I had the best night of my life -- saying I do -- and celebrating with family at the best wedding I have ever been to. So many people turned out ... and everyone let loose and had fun. I wish there was another event like that that would bring all those people together again. Eleven years ago we had no idea what the future would hold -- but knew as long as we were together, it wouldn't matter. And that is still very true. I've got it good.
Last day to vote on my poll!

Bunch o' Nothin'

Woke up to baseball games cancelled this morning because fields are wet.  Not really happy because that means make-up games ... which start to push into when we're gone for Hilton Head.  

It's supposed to be a beautiful weekend.  Funny, last night I stayed late to finish up some administrative work .. and the meteorologist saw me, and I think he was afraid to leave if I was still there.  I asked him about the storms -- but I was asking as a "civilian" who was about to drive home .. not a "boss" who was worried about whether he stayed.  He kept assuring me the storms were not tornadic.   I told him - hey, go home at your own risk!  That only unsettled him more. Poor guy.   It's kind of hard to get across "hey, I'm just being a person right now - not someone who's gonna get you in trouble."  (Because I was trying to get across -- just make a decision; if it's iffy -- you better stay, if not, go ... YOU'RE the meteorologist...it's on you dude!)

That was a random post.  I started talking about weather then traveled down a weird road.  Like this -- people were actually calling us last night because our weather bug (the thing that shows a map then radar of stormy areas in the corner of your screen) was NOT up.  Hello?  You WANT it on your screen?  Viewers are so weird.  

Ok enough weather for pete's sake.  Today is my 11th wedding anniversary.  This time last year I was probably snoozing on the beach in Jamaica.  Man that was a great trip.  I think I'll look through pics and enjoy that trip again in my mind.  

We're going to the Melting Pot tonight .. late because Jack has baseball at 6pm (unless it gets cancelled too.)  We're going to the Royals game tomorrow.  Some celebration, eh?  Oh well, it's still the weekend.   And it will be a short week.  

Well, that was a whole lot of nothing, wasn't it?  

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Busy Week & Wknd

Jack had baseball camp all last week .. and I went to work out while I was in that area (Legacy Park) .. and it kind of gets things all out of sorts.  I need to catch up on cleaning and general "Family-Upkeep."

The weekend was real busy too.  Enjoyable.  But busy. 

I could use a day .. alone .. to catch up and maybe take a nap!  

Oh, I tried to have a Coke today.  Spilled it!  There's some joke in there about premature something-or-other to go along with the previous "food porn" posts....but I won't go there.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Not posting ... but for good reason

Haven't been posting as much ... but have had a lot going on. Some changes at work have increased my workload - kind of temporarily as we adjust.

And I'm trying to be more healthy -- which means doing active things instead of sitting here on my bum typing.

We're using the Legacy Park Community center now ... the boys enjoy the play room .. and I can go do whatever (swim/walk/workout) without worrying about them ... which has been the big hold back on going there. Yeah! Ryan's been good about going too. Hopefully this can be a new lifestyle...rather than something that flames out.

Oh....and again. I've dropped Coke. Massive headache on day one. Day two I just CRAVED it SOOO bad. I'm not even doing diet or anything -- I need a clean break to really let go. I may treat myself on Saturdays only - and in moderation. Maybe.

Ok ... enough computer time. Time to water flowers and generally keep movin'!~

Saturday, June 14, 2008


As I sit here and watch the coverage of the life and death of newsman Tim Russert, I feel small.

He was journalism with a capital J.  I once touted the capital J with pride and righteousness.  Not so much anymore.  Now it's more about ratings and the bottom line.

I used to follow politics with great interest ... and other "issues" ... but not so much anymore.  Much in the way a death reminds folks to hold people closer ... the death of Tim Russert - the "everyman" journalist -- reminds me of the true purpose of journalism.  It makes me want to step back and remember from where I came.

"Wise shall be the bearers of light."  It's inscribed in the walls of the greatest journalism school in the world.  The journalism school where I learned and embraced the ideals.  Walter Williams wrote "I believe in the Profession of Journalism" to begin the journalist's creed that I have framed in my home ... but have not looked at in so long.

The man Tim Russert was - as a journalist and dedicated father and son -- set the standard.  Now if only all journalists could attempt to work to rise to that standard...and attempt to reach the bar that he set so high.  Maybe the general public would finally gain interest .... and there would  be shift from info-tainment back to news gathering/reporting.

He's one of the few journalists I did not get to meet.   Probably because he worked so hard -- instead of going to conventions.  But he had impact.

God Bless Tim Russert.
Our prayers are with his family ... and his news family.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Funny Story / Gross Story

Let's go funny first.

I can be a really stupid smart person sometimes. Here's an example. We're covering the trial of a man named "Shy Bland." He's the Westport Rapist. (You're thinking, "wait, she said this was gonna be funny?" Hang w/me...we'll get there.) He was the man who gripped Westport in fear for like a year ... and then was finally caught and convicted and sent to prison for 115 years. Well, he now faces like 33 more charges on 11 new rapes connected to him during that time. He will be the most prolific rapist in Jackson County. So -- based on that, it's a very interesting story. We decided at the last minute to put a reporter on the first day of court. (Normally the first day is very boring - but it was a slow news day, we were hurting, and this case is very high profile and the new charges are interesting.)

The reporter gets to the courthouse and after a while sends an email to managers, desk, and producers to say "Bland trial is over. I should have something for 4." I see his email and quickly respond, "This is NOT a bland trial - it is VERY interesting with lots of details. I'm sure you can work your magic and make this a good story." In my head, I'm thinking this reporter is poo-pooing the story, and of course, when I replied to him, I hit "reply all." And to top it off, I went in to the Asst. News Directors office as she was on the phone w/that reporter to make sure she was telling him we were switching what show he'd be in ... and she asked me -- "we're talking about the bland trial right?" And I go "It's not bland - it's a goood story!" She just looked at me funny and continued her conversation.

Fast forward to probably a good 20 minutes later. I'm sitting at my desk. The newsroom is relatively quiet. And it hits me. Out loud I yell; "Oh. My. God. I am SUCH an idiot." And start laughing. The producer next to me goes -- "Wait, wait -- I know what it is...the email right?" And I'm like -- "why didn't anyone say anything??" And they're lauging at me. HELLO. THE MAN'S NAME IS BLAND! IT'S NOT A DESCRIPTION OF HOW COURT WENT.
I am laughing too -- though I feel my face turning red. Derrrrr. Then I remember a desk guy said out loud something like "Bland details - that's funny" after I replied and I didn't realize at the time he thought I was making a joke. Yeah, nothing like being a moron for everyone to see.

Now the Gross Story:

So, I'm sleeping. I'm having a dream that I'm a reporter - a specific one I work with, and I'm in the field and in a live truck (that really looks more like my mini - van) and we're having a discussion about lightning and when it's really safe to go live. Then suddenly, something is burning in my mouth/throat and I'm telling for someone to OPEN THE DOOR OPEN THE DOOR because I guess if the door gets opened, whatever is happening in my throat/mouth will stop. Instead I wake up. And I had started to throw up -- while sleeping. I went to the kitchen -- got some milk to settle my stomach and tried to go back to bed. I had laid down for like 2 seconds and I was up again heading for the kitchen (I don't know why - I think I was still a little delirious). I then proceded to toss my guts out in the kitchen sink .... occasionally turning on the garbage disposal. Which, by the way, is not a bad way to go. It was dark - so I couldn't see - which is good, because sometimes seeing this can make it last longer than it needs to. I could turn on the faucet and try to clean out my mouth and wash my face, and I could send everything down the garbage disposal. Plus, I was much more comfortable standing up. (And heck yeah, I disinfected it the next day.)

But how weird is that? I didn't feel sick at all ... The last thing I had to eat before going to bed was a slice of blueberry pie. It had been sitting out on the counter instead of being refridgerated...and maybe that's it. I didn't feel sick the next morning either. Some friends suggested stress ... but I've never had that happen before and I go through all kinds of various stress. Needless to say the pie has been tossed. And I put it in the trash too. (Ha ha.)

Saturday, June 7, 2008


It's hard for me to hang out with friends.  Hell, it's hard for me to maintain friendships -- period.  Just because I lead an oddball lifestyle that doesn't give me normal time to buddy-up.  And I'm really not a phone talker.  I think I over-did it in high school and college .. and now iddle chit-chat on the phone keeps me from other things.

And because I really don't see the family much  -- all of us all together -- during the week, there's always immense guilt about doing something other than giving them every second of my time on the weekends.  

This morning I made an effort.  I got my hate-to-get-out-of-bed-on-a-weekend ass up early this morning and trekked clear out to the northland.  And I mean -- way the heck out there.  I kept thinking I musta missed my exit ... but no....it's just THAT far.  And when I got there .... I went to a scrap store where scrap friends met up to shop.  That in itself is fun .. I had some extra "winnings" left to spend ... and fun people to just be in the same store with.

But then I had to leave.  The boys had overlapping baseball games and I needed to get back.  Kyle has really noticed lately that he doesn't see me much....so I couldn't stand not to see his game.  He always runs up to hit -- and looks out into the crowd for his "fans."  And Jack's been getting so confident - - I don't want to miss how much he is improving .   Nick's FIRST T-ball game was today...and he was very excited.

But dang.  It sucked to leave.  They were all gonna walk to a place for lunch ... and just sit and chat .... adults....women.  Chatting and laughing, and we always have such a hard time getting everyone together...and I was gonna miss out.  

I did the right thing.  Kyle got the game ball for hitting two bombs way out in the field -- and got three in the park homeruns. (Technically because he was the last batter each time.)  And Jack hit a TRIPLE!  And was so happy he threw his hands up on third base and was smiling so big ..... and looking right at me to make sure I saw.  Yeah, I was in the right place.


I hate getting up early on the weekends.

Cheerful morning people are annoying.  And my kids are cheerful (or maybe just loud) morning people.  I like quiet tones 'til about 10am when I've fully woken up.

Grumpy guss.

Lots going on this weekend.  Hopefully there will be some relaxing.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

The Poll is Updated

News Challenge

This was a good one.

I was in the control room -- just getting "comfortable" with severe weather coverage with a tornado warning and some severe t-storms. I had just started rounding up phoners ... with reporters giving us a few hits here and there. The chopper was in Douglas County showing lowering of the clouds ... and I had just sent it from there clear to Grandview where there was cloud rotation.

Then I get a note that one of the reporters is moving to a 2 alarm fire. I wonder if it is lightning and shrug it off. Not much trumps weather coverage. Then someone in master control yells over the control room speakers -- 'There's a big fire in the citycam - look!' At first I think someone is joking .... then I look up. Holy cow!

The director wants to put it on the air. I want to know what the heck it is - awkward to just put it up with Katie talking about weather if it's not weather related. So I call for anchors on set - and tell Katie here comes a pic of a fire -- POSSIBLY started by lightning .

I then ask for double boxes so we can show both the weather situation and the burning fire.
Crazy. Of course, the poor chopper is clear in the Grandview area and now trying to make it to KCK ... in a storm. Thank goodness for live streaming cellphone video. (And low on fuel. Darn the need for fuel!)

And thank goodness for my bladder of steel. 3 1/2 hours of continuous coverage!
Loved every minute of it.