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"We Must be Willing to Give Up the Life We Have Planned, So As to Have the Life that is Waiting for Us."
-Joseph Campbell
Week of Aug 12, 2013

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Bunch o' Nothin'

Woke up to baseball games cancelled this morning because fields are wet.  Not really happy because that means make-up games ... which start to push into when we're gone for Hilton Head.  

It's supposed to be a beautiful weekend.  Funny, last night I stayed late to finish up some administrative work .. and the meteorologist saw me, and I think he was afraid to leave if I was still there.  I asked him about the storms -- but I was asking as a "civilian" who was about to drive home .. not a "boss" who was worried about whether he stayed.  He kept assuring me the storms were not tornadic.   I told him - hey, go home at your own risk!  That only unsettled him more. Poor guy.   It's kind of hard to get across "hey, I'm just being a person right now - not someone who's gonna get you in trouble."  (Because I was trying to get across -- just make a decision; if it's iffy -- you better stay, if not, go ... YOU'RE the meteorologist...it's on you dude!)

That was a random post.  I started talking about weather then traveled down a weird road.  Like this -- people were actually calling us last night because our weather bug (the thing that shows a map then radar of stormy areas in the corner of your screen) was NOT up.  Hello?  You WANT it on your screen?  Viewers are so weird.  

Ok enough weather for pete's sake.  Today is my 11th wedding anniversary.  This time last year I was probably snoozing on the beach in Jamaica.  Man that was a great trip.  I think I'll look through pics and enjoy that trip again in my mind.  

We're going to the Melting Pot tonight .. late because Jack has baseball at 6pm (unless it gets cancelled too.)  We're going to the Royals game tomorrow.  Some celebration, eh?  Oh well, it's still the weekend.   And it will be a short week.  

Well, that was a whole lot of nothing, wasn't it?  


Shawn said...

Happy Anniversary!!!!!

Maricar said...

Happy Anniversary, Friend.

Kerry said...

Happy Anniversary. The Melting Pot is one of our favs! Yummy!