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"We Must be Willing to Give Up the Life We Have Planned, So As to Have the Life that is Waiting for Us."
-Joseph Campbell
Week of Aug 12, 2013

Friday, October 3, 2008


Funny, I'm too busy hovering over kids to read the book about how to not hover over your kids. heh heh.

I thought I drop a fast blog .. but I keep getting distracted by yo-gabba-gabba on Nick Jr. Ever seen that show? It's so weird it's fascinating. And the kids actually DO get up and do whatever they're doing. Then I have "Wiggle wiggle wiggle Jump ... hooooold stiiiiilllll .... wiggle wiggle wiggle jump" stuck in my head all day.

I'm getting out Halloween decorations. Did one bin yesterday. Doing another bin today. Kinda hard to do since the basement's so messed up right now as we prepare for a "re-do". I have GOT to get painting and get that out of the way.

Ok .. back to the bins. Happy Friday!!!!


Kerry said...

That Gabba-Gabba show is WEIRD! It reminds me of a mature Tele-tubbies. The girls do like it though.

Maricar said...

Hmm ... I'm intrigued and will have to ask the kids about GabbaGabba.

Micki said...

Yo Gabba Gabba is on the "no" list here. It gives me the creeps! Its like speed for toddlers. Yikes!

Maricar said...

Blog nudge.