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Week of Aug 12, 2013

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Kids: Social Achievement

Interesting thoughts from first part of Chapter 1 in "A Nation of Wimps."

  • It used to be that kids got their social status from their parents. Now parents get THEIR social status from kids!
  • Parents these days don't feel comfortable leaving their children with someone else for 2 hours. TWO HOURS! It talks about how if the child isn't in the mother's laser sights for every second ... they believe they will somehow be psychologically damaged among other things.

INTERESTING~! Ever felt like you needed to take your kids to gymboree cuz that's what everyone else does? Or you need to be seen at the soccer field? I don't think I've gotten quite sucked into that ... yet. BUT --

I do know I've worried about my kids with other people. I HATE when they come home from somewhere and their manners or behaviors are all out of whack. (Saying things like "whatever" or "gimme that" or talking with their mouth full because the ADULTS they were with don't set good examples or have ANY boundaries.) But at the same time, I do understand that we NEED a break from each other. It's best for everyone.

The book talks about how much kids need normal every day PLAY ... but parents are always interfering. I'm getting better about that. Just go outside. Our backyard is fenced in .. I don't need to be hovering over them. And Jack and Kyle are allowed to go to other houses .. Jack is supposed to be watching out for Kyle. I just need to turn off the TV/Computer more, I think.

So ... so far so good. I just need to continue to reinforce what Daddy and I consider acceptable manners/behavior so that when they do go elsewhere - they can withstand bad examples and just know better.

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Micki said...

Oh I so know what you mean!