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Week of Aug 12, 2013

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Big Heart

I love that picture of Jack and Ryan so much -- it's hard to blog and move it down from front and center! It touches me so much every time I see it. He had broken into sobs DURING the game when the other team scored a second goal in the second half. He was on the field and I was wishing the coach would bench him ... or that I could catch his eye to try to encourage him to keep going. I remember feeling embarrassed that my kid was crying, while the others were being "tough." Which is what I prefer ... "be tough."

Then I was touched when the coach DID sit him down, and put his hands on Jack's shoulders and talked to him for so long, the asst. coach had to come over and tell Coach to get back in the game. I appreciated that. Jack's coach is such a good guy. He is so lucky.

Anyway, Jack steeled himself, and played again without the visible tears. Then after the game ... when all the parents lined up to make the "tunnel" the kids run through (isn't that cool?)...I could see his red eyes, and that he was trying to hold his tears in.

Then I headed for our stuff ... so Ryan could go listen to coach talking to the kids after the game...and I looked back and saw that picture: Jack with his head on Ryan's shoulder. I only snapped one shot. I didn't want to intrude on the moment. Ryan says Jack sobbed as soon as daddy hugged him. I was still feeling edgy about my "not tough" kid.

Then it was medal time. The kids all got real nice medals -- for their big second place accomplishment. And as the coach handed them out, he said something nice about each kid and we applauded. When he got to Jack, he talked about Jack's big heart. And that struck me. A big heart. What mom wouldn't be proud of that? My kid is passionate about something. That's a good thing. That's my boy.


Shawn said...

Kelly I'm in tears just reading that. You have GOT to scrap this and put exactly what you wrote here. There is something about wanting your child to be something but then it's always a nice surprise when they show that soft side. Your kids rock and I totally believe it's because you and Ryan are kick ass parents. Kudos to Jack I think he is one special kid :)

Lisa said...

Well now I'm crying. What an awesome thing that you'll document this so that Jack will have it to read later. You get mommy of the year award for this post :)