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-Joseph Campbell
Week of Aug 12, 2013

Saturday, April 19, 2008

I Better Get Sun!

So ... it really stunk Wednesday when it was like 74 degrees and I was stuck at work.  And what helped me get through it was knowing after a couple rainy days, we were supposed to have a really nice sunny weekend.  Well, here I sit looking out the window at nothing but gray sky.  Those clouds BEST be thinkin' about moving out!!

Another topic: twittering.
I had heard about it .. my husband does it every know and then ... he works with people who do it.  Then that Brazen Careerest blog I like talked about it and that she was going to try it .. so I decided, why not?
Twittering is basically microblogging.  It's sort of like sending instant messages to the world.  I'm still a little leery about it - I don't think people REALLY want to know what I'm doing every second of the day.  (Like having to pee, as you see above.)
But, you can twitter through your phone ... sending a text right to your blog.  I'm not explaining it well.  Google "twitter" for better explanations - or go to twitter.com .

And another topic: today:
Ryan and Kyle are at TBall practice right now.  It's the first one.  I'm anxious to hear if the coach is over-the-top like he seems in his emails.  We've been real lucky so far to have very cool, level-headed, coaches for all the boys' sports.  (People who teach the kids to be competitive - but focus on the FUN.)

They'll bring home lunch, then we have soccer at 1:50 and 2pm.  That's rough because we have to split up to watch both boys ... but nice, because we'll be done early today and I can come home and work in the yard.  IF THE SUN COMES OUT.

Ryan just called...apparently Kyle's coach is some dude from the Johnny Dare show on 98.1....and very cool....and fun.  That's good to hear.  The station is doing cool stuff for the kids...putting their names on their shirts, etc.  And Ryan says one of the kids on Kyle's team is the next door neighbor boy he plays with a lot.  So ... that's all working out great!

I guess I'll put some clothes on.  It's only 46 degrees right now darnit.
Come on SUN SUN SUN. 


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the twittering explaination....I like it...it's fun.

Gotta get off here at be a PROM mom now.

Hope the boys win their games today.

Peace out...Dana

Kerry said...

The sun did come out! Yippy! I'm going to have to read about this Twitter. I'm not sure about it and I have not mastered my phone, so there is no synching happening between the phone and computer. Yikes.