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Week of Aug 12, 2013

Sunday, November 1, 2009

And the Fun Continues...

Friday's fun spilled into Saturday.

1st - we got to sleep in. (See a pattern here of what's "great" to me?) We had no soccer games or sports of any kind ... and puttered around. We really spent the morning doing NOTHING. And sometimes, "nothing" is just right. ("Nothing" with the MIZZOU game on. Wooo - a win!)

Then we started getting kids geared up for Halloween fun. We like to drive to Blue Springs to Trick or Treat at Grandma's house - and we start early w/the family Trick-or-Treating so we can be back in time to hit the neighborhood.

At Grandma Pat's house in Blue Springs ... we had my two skeletons & a zombie, a chick magnet, and Auriel (?) and the lobster from Little Mermaid. Some cute kids looking SUPER cute. All the kids got big treat bags full of fun "ghoulish" stuff. And of course, everyone got a load of adorable pictures. (Oh, and Grandma was dressed like a black cat! And rocked it!) Oh - a funny moment..it was time to go, and we were trying to stick to tight schedule ... and Nick was still enjoying the snacks Gma had put out. I actually started saying to him - "Come on Nick, if you want more candy we gotta go." Him: "But I want to eat this" Me "But don't you want to go get more candy?" I then realize, my sweet child is sitting there, trying to eat VEGGIES, and I'm nagging him to hurry up to we can go get ... Candy. Mother of the Year.

We then moved our fun back to Lee's Summit...with a stop and Grandpa & Grandma's. When the boys rang the bell...Grandpa made a ghoulish laugh through his door speaker. Nick's reaction was funny. When they came to the door, Grandma was dressed like a Witch and welcomed the boys into her cauldron, er, I mean home. Nick read "5 Little Pumpkins" (a tradition) and did a great job!

After gathering up some treats - we returned home, and I quickly got into my costume while Ryan loaded the cooler, his "Puking Pumpkin" and other stuff and took them across the street to the neighbors house. We get everyone together to trick or treat, then go back to their house to have a party.

I dressed up as a Desperate Housewife. It was a last minute costume idea ... I wore jeans and a low cut shirt and a sequined shawl ... I wore red hose and red stilleto heels...lots of "diamonds" and heavy makeup. I then put a few curlers in my hair...tossed on my robe...put a bottle in my pocket (to drown my sorrows) and made my makeup look like I had been crying: viola: Desperate Housewife. While we were trick or treating - one dad in the street with us that we didn't know looks at me and goes "Please tell me that's your costume." HA! He took a risk saying that, didn't he?

I've left out one very important point with all of this: Normally, I don't get to go trick-or-treating. Normally, I have to work. (I work nights) And normally, it's SWEEPS - so, I'm not even allowed to ask for the day off. This year, with Halloween falling on Saturday, I actually got to go along for the fun .. and I was so happy! I HATE missing ANY kind of holiday fun -- I'm all about traditions and doing all the things you're supposed to do to soak up the holiday. So, I really really enjoyed walking the neighborhood..house to house and seeing the kids trick or treat...and seeing the people react to their costumes...and interacting with all the other families doing the same thing. It felt good.

After trick or treating, we dropped off all our loot at our house and headed across the street, where all our neighbors had gathered - in costume - (many adults too) to enjoy the rest of the night. Tons of good food ... and fun ... At one point all the kids gathered into one room to dance - and with the funky holiday lights and tile floor, it really looked like a dance club! Soon all the kids were doing the Thriller dance ... and yes, some adults too.

Eventually the party moved outside, around the fire pit. And soon kids were falling asleep in various places inside the house, as adults continued having fun into the night. I think Ryan started carrying kids home and putting them in bed around 12:30am ... and we didn't call it a night 'til about 1:30. And I know there were still a few at that fire pit long after that!

I couldn't have asked for a better Halloween. The weather was perfect. The kids had a great time. We had fun with family and friends and have tons of great pictures to show for it.

And here it is Sunday .. and not only did I sleep in, the time changed! In my favor! And I'm doing nothing. Well, I writing this - and it's taking forever because I'm "documenting" and being interrupted by kids playing with playd0ugh and showing me EVERY creation.

Soon we'll go to a soccer game - and it'll be fun because the weather's nice. And I'm going to do some cleaning (no, really, I'm looking forward to it!) And Ryan's planning a nice dinner ... and well, I think this whole weekend's gonna be a winner!

Oh, and did I mention it's my birthday tomorrow?

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