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-Joseph Campbell
Week of Aug 12, 2013

Friday, March 5, 2010

Who's Counting?

Funny car conversation tonight.

Kids were asking random questions. And eventually Kyle asks, "Why do grownups get to use cuss words and bad words?"

Long pause. Um, ah, well ... I answered with, "Well, when you're grown up you just get to do stuff that kids don't get to do. And not all of it is really good stuff."

Kyle says, "Well one of you used the s-word like 10 times."

Me, "What? When? Was it Daddy?"

All 3 kids then say, "No Momma it was YOU! When you were trying to fix Nick's drawer!'

Someone pipes up, "Yeah, we were counting. And you used the d-word - and - "

I interupt, "Ok ok ok I get it."

And then I punch Ryan in the arm - who is howling, and practically driving off the road.

So, I've turned into my father. He mastered the art of cussing - kind of like the dad on Christmas Story .. you know, making stuff up as he goes. I remember one time he was working on the house and yelled out "JEE--SUS, JOSEPH AND MARY!" We found it funny that he'd go for the tri-fecta. But even better was when he'd make stuff up. I still remember giggling with my brother after a string of obscenities with some brand new words that ended with "piss-ant printer!" Dad eventually heard us giggling - -which, timed wrong, could mean trouble - but lucky for us, got him giggling too.

I don't think I've quite evolved into creative cussing. Though, after stubbing my toe pretty badly, I did string together a pretty wild combination of every word I could think of. Ryan still laughs about that one. Thankfully - kids weren't around to count..and call me on it later.


Lisa said...

Smiling....Nicholas calls me out if I even say 'ass' in his presence. We used to make my Grandma mad on purpose so she'd cuss in German. That was awesome!

Ryan said...

Haha I tell that same story about Dad...