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-Joseph Campbell
Week of Aug 12, 2013

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Thoughts when School Calls

It's amazing how many thoughts one can have in a matter of seconds. Like today, the phone rang and I looked up to see it was the school. So, in a matter of like 2 seconds - from seeing the Caller ID to lifting up the phone and saying 'hello' I managed to think:
-Who's calling?
-Oh, it's school. I better answer.
-Oh no, it's about Jack. Because of his coughing.
-I feel bad, I knew he was coughing bad. Should he have gone to school?
-Do they think "what kind of parent sends a kid to school with a cough like that"?
-I'll have to go get him.
-Hm. I could use this to my advantage and take a sick dependent day.

I answer. It is Jack. I manage to think a few quick thoughts after he says "Hi Momma" and before he continues:
--It's Jack
--The nurse probably told him to call me so I can assess his "illness" and whether he should come home
--Ok, I'm ready: got my gauge on, let's go.

Then Jack continues, "I have student council tonight so Daddy will need to pick me up."
Now, only ONE thought: YOU CALLED ME TO SAY THAT??
"Yes Jack, Daddy knows. "

It's amazing I can have all those rational thoughts, in rapid succession, and prep myself to handle whatever's coming ... yet, I'll get up from my desk to head to the break room for my dinner and forget what I'm doing and where I'm going half way there.


Jeanne said...


When those calls come from the school's caller ID, you never know what it will bring! With my daughter's asthma, I used to DREAD seeing that number because I knew it meant she had gone down to the nurse for her inhaler.

Ever since we started her on acupuncture (which she loves!) over a year ago, she hasn't needed her inhaler or nebulizer once! She used to use it a fair amount too!

No more sitting out of gym. No more calls from the school nurse... ever. From 5 medications down to just two. It's amazing!!

Anyway, I know what you mean about thoughts racing quickly that way with a phone call like that... but then other times I forget what I'm saying in the middle of a sentence. :)


P.S. I found you via the Twittermoms group and left you a message there.

Shawn said...

Kelly I giggled reading your whole post I so do that all the time. It drives Corey nuts because he knows my thinking processes all too well. :) Glad he wasn't sick.