Quote of the Week

"We Must be Willing to Give Up the Life We Have Planned, So As to Have the Life that is Waiting for Us."
-Joseph Campbell
Week of Aug 12, 2013

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

It's Early Weds.

And I wish I could call in sick and just feel sorry for myself all day. But I can't call in sick to motherhood, so why bother.

Apparently a snowstorm is coming...lovely. Another reason to "hole-in" - but no, my line of work forces me to go out in it and then talk about it all damn day and night. How many different ways can you say: It snowed. Salt trucks. Plows. Slick Roads. Wrecks. Oh, here's my ruler - see how deep it is? Yes, your school is closed, stop calling us. Stay the "F" home, even though we, your news people, didn't.

I wish I was asleep on the couch, in a big cozy comforter, in a silent house -- except for the sound of a crackling fire. ) :


Lisa said...

First, thank you for putting this Billy Dean song on your list.....I used to LOVE him and he fell out of rotation for me, but I just adore this song.

Second, I'm right there with you on wanting to call in.....maybe we can go on strike :) OK, I know we can't but it's a nice little fantasy for awhile.

Shawn said...

I don't think we're gonna get that big snow storm! Maybe that will help your day. :)