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-Joseph Campbell
Week of Aug 12, 2013

Friday, February 13, 2009

I AM Awesome.

I am awesome.
I am super mom. 
Today I did my weigh-in and have now achieved an 11 pound weight loss.  Good milestone.  I was feeling good.  Because I am awesome.  Focus on the word "was."

I purchased all the "parts" for the craft for Kyle's V'tines party.  That's enough for all three kindergarten classes.  I did not seek reimbursement.  I wanted to donate.  

I cut out all the pieces for the craft, and put them in sandwich bags so everyone could just have a pre-cut ready to assemble craft - grab your bag and go.  Enough for all three kindergarten classes.  I am awesome.

I made 6 posters with the teachers' black and white pictures blown up and decorated like "valentine princesses" ... 2 for all three classes so the classes could divide up and have two games of pin-the-lips on the V'Tine princess going at once.  I hand drew and cut 60 lips for the game.  I am awesome.

I created bingo cards for all three classes ... in color and on cardstock.  I made the calling cards and provided bingo prizes for all three classes.  I am awesome.

I put together the party like a newscast rundown - timing each activity and planning for transitions from one fun thing to the next.  I was prepared for extra students, accidents, diversions, and had Plans B, C and D.

I took the day off.  I went to the school.  I pulled off the party like no one's business.  I had instructions for the parents to follow so they could see what was happening next and how they could help.  The parents were happy.  The teacher was happy.  The kids were happy.  

And from all of that, I should FEEL awesome.  But one moment, one fleeting second, one sidebar, offline, out of sync moment is what rings with me now.   
As I started the party, I hear one of Kyle's friends say to him:  "Your mom is too fat."  


Shawn said...

You are awesome Kelly. I'm glad you got a day off. Good for you on loosing 11 lbs! Have a happy Valentine's Day!

Lisa said...

I am jealous of your 11 pound loss and you put all us other moms to shame with that VDay party. I think you rock.

KELLY said...

Thanks .. so close to having a Coke (or 10) to wash away the pain!

I am Maricar said...

I think you're awesome.

Kristin Michelle said...

I think you are awesome!! 11 pounds is something to be proud of!

Contessa Kris said...

The party sounds so fabulous. Don't worry about the comment. Little kids don't yet know how to temper what they say. Congrats on the weightloss.

Anonymous said...

Kelly you are AWESOME!!! Go with the great day part and awesome mom you are and do not look back the kid is just jealous of Kyle's awesome mom and should be cause you are AWESOME!!! Keep on being an AWESOME mom and Kelly!

Dana T.

Anonymous said...

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