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"We Must be Willing to Give Up the Life We Have Planned, So As to Have the Life that is Waiting for Us."
-Joseph Campbell
Week of Aug 12, 2013

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Things that are stupid.

1. "Technical Support" -- when our computer crashed, Ryan called these "gurus" and followed their instructions by the letter ... and essentially made it so nothing could be recovered. Because THEY are morons, I've lost tons of fonts I've collected over time ... special emails .... word documents...pictures people have emailed ... favorites/bookmarks etc. etc.

2. Me not listening to myself. For about a week now, every time I've gotten on the computer, I've had a nagging feeling to go through and print out "Save" emails and delete others, just get it tidy and stuff saved. I've always felt like I've had some sort of weird "know its gonna happen before it does" thing .. and once again, I didn't act on it and ka-plewie....dead computer, all is lost.

3. 5th's Disease. It really shouldn't be called a disease. It's basically just a weird rash. And what's really stupid is that, by the time you realize that's what it is -- because you see this horrible rash -- the contagious part is over. So ... basically, your kid gets it -- you don't know he has it and is contaminating his brothers -- and it's a vicious cycle of stupid.

4. My body. I had a migraine the other night....horrible horrible...almost wanted to puke it was so bad ...so I took a Tylenol PM -- kill the headache/help me sleep. Well, it worked- - except I slept so hard I have a kink in my back that KILLS. Nice. OR OR OR - that could be a sign that I now have the elusive -- and stupid -- 5th's disease....it's shows up as joint pain in adults. And I've had a headache off and on since then.

5. The weather. Snow this weekend? Seriously? Enough is enough.

6. People who call me and tell me they can't do their job because they just got their hair done. Don't ask.

7. Me typing this right now instead of taking some Tylenol PM and going to bed.

ONE NOT STUPID THING: My husband ... who ran to HyVee for me when I came home tonight, and brought me a hot chocolate/peanut butter brownie. Chocolate helps everything.


Lisa said...

Man, Kelly--sorry you're having a lousy week. Just figure that you're getting hit with all the crap at once and after this, it's all good :) Love the "got my hair done" excuse, it's better than what I usually hear (which ranges from "my dog is sick" to "I have to poop a lot and stay close to home" (not quite those words but you get the idea).

I smiled at the end of your post because you're right--chocolate makes it all better, as does having someone who knows when to go get the brownie. :)

Kerry said...

Wow, I have never heard the just had my hair done excuse, lol! I hope this disease passes quick.

Micki said...

Sending you happy thoughts and some good vibes. Sounds like you could really use some right now. Keep your chin up!

KELLY said...

Thanks everyone. It's all just weird enough -- that I have a good sense of humor about it. I'm sad about losing the stuff on the computer -- but the rest is just the bizarre-ness of life.

As for the hair thing...imagine if you're say ... a baker, and I asked you to bake a cake, but you say no, because you don't want to get your hands dirty. It was kinda like that. One of those "WTF" moments. My life is a hoot. (!)

Kristin Michelle said...

i ahve never used that excuse..maybe i should use it!

what a sweetie you are married to!

Anonymous said...

Yo Kelly, my computer recently passed away as well. I know the pain you are feeling as you suffer the loss of such a trusted and faithful companion. I, too lost much more than just the computer. The hard drive was irrecoverable, so all of my saved stuff was gone. Yuck. Technology giveth... and technology taketh away.
About the migraine... I had one on Tuesday and ended up in the emergency room where they had to poke me five different times to get an IV in me and give me morphine to get rid of the pain. You're lucky that Tylenol PM works for you. But I'm sorry that we both had head issues. You know, they say people who suffer with migraines tend to be especially smart and intellectual people. How do we fit into that???

Anonymous said...

By the way, the last comment was from me... Karlyn

Shawn said...

I was totally bummed we couldnt save your shtuff for you :( Next time don't hesitate just call us and Corey can fix it! Are you back up now? We'll have to come over and get you back on track, thanks for your prayers too means a lot! Oh and how were the marshmellows did you get any?? :)