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"We Must be Willing to Give Up the Life We Have Planned, So As to Have the Life that is Waiting for Us."
-Joseph Campbell
Week of Aug 12, 2013

Friday, March 7, 2008

So Much Going On....

1. I wanted to post about the wedding we went to. It was very untraditional...with some traditional mixed in. It was at the Boulevard Brewing company. On the way there, I was a bit concerned for my safety, but once I found it- - hidden behind some old buildings -- I was surprised to find a very nice place! It seemed bright shiny and new...and possibly a neat tourist attraction. (To tour the brewery.) The room was a big open area, with lots of round tables and a big bar. We went in, got some drinks and sat down at the big round tables. The wedding proceeded then -- up at the bar area. The groom came into the room to the Van Halen song "Hot for Teacher" ... which was actually very cool. (She was a teacher.) She came in to some song about birds and wings I'd never heard before, but it was very pretty. Her dress was GORGEOUS. It looked vintage ... kind of cream with embroidered roses in a light tan-ish or candlelight color. It looked like a wedding dress ... but seemed "antique" and was so pretty. The ceremony itself was quite short...traditional vows etc. One neat thing: a reading. Not your normal bible verse or poem -- it was an excerpt from "The Velveteen Rabbit." It was perfect and had lots of folks wiping tears. It was a very cool wedding .... it felt very "hip." I love all the different ways weddings can come together ... and have often thought being a wedding planner would be a fun job.

2. Croptastic Weekend
It was mostly just me and Dana...but we had a great time! And both of us got a LOT done. She did a bunch of page kits ... and I worked on an entire album of our cruise to Cabo in 2006. I only have two more layouts to do in that album - and it will be COMPLETE! I'll take a couple pics of some of the layouts and add them to my slide show. It felt real good to get so much done.
We watched a couple "dud" movies ... but probably good to watch while scrapping - because you didn't have to give them your full attention. Oh -- and Lisa did come by and scrap for awhile! It was good to hang with her....even for a short time. Anna CLAIMED to have hurt her finger, and ended up not coming. (ha ha).

3. The concert ... separate blog.

4. Soccer has been cancelled for the weekend ... so I'm looking forward to a weekend of NOTHING planned! Karlyn: I'll be sending you that email I promised!

Bring on the weekend!


Maricar said...

Loved hearing about the weekend! The wedding sounds totally awesome. I'm a traditional sort of gal, but I think that wedding sounded totally fun. Wish I could have joined in the Croptastic Fun ... maybe next time. Isn't it great when soccer is cancelled? Hah.

Hope you have a great weekend.

Kristin Michelle said...

the wedding sounds fun! i like non traditional things! i went to a wedding where the bride and groom wrote there own vows...thought that was awesome to!

cant wait to hear about the concert!