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-Joseph Campbell
Week of Aug 12, 2013

Saturday, March 8, 2008


Who woulda thought shoes would be a big deal.  But shoes are a big deal.

Now wait -- let me back up a bit.  Yes, to a child it is a big deal ... not only to pick out their favorite character or cool looking tennies...but to then be "faster" because you have new shoes on.  And of course, if you know me at all, you know I'm a shoe FREAK. Love them; can't have enough.   So - in that basic way, sure, shoes can be a big deal.

But I'm talking about something else.  I'm talking about having the boys pick out their shoes ... and barely having one still looking in the toddler section.  And having the discussion about whether we should get "tie" shoes or not.  (Everyone voted "no" this time - even though Kyle started out wanting them, because he wanted to learn to tie.)  The shoes that were "coolest" to everyone had no ties.

Then we come home...and everyone has to put on their new shoes and run all over the house to test just how fast they are.

And there it is.  Shoes that have gotten larger...and look more like BOY shoes than cute kid shoes.  Jack's are SO big ... it's so strange to see.  And it gets me.  These little kids are slipping away from me.  Wearing BIG shoes.   And growing up.  And it's a big deal.


Lisa said...

I know exactly how that feels. Just wait.....I have to buy Adam's shoes in the men's department. Talk about being blown away :)

Maricar said...

Yet another Mommy Milestone. It's tough to watch them grow up, isn't it? [and more expensive, eh?]