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-Joseph Campbell
Week of Aug 12, 2013

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Rock Star Super Hero.

So, those of you who know us, know that Ryan is a boy scout. He's the one "everyone likes" out of the two of us. Me: people tolerate, him: they enjoy.

When we worked together at a TV station, people begged to have Ryan in their shows, not just because he did good stories with great liveshots - but because he's just great to work with. It was sick all the falling all over him. But it's not just that. He's just ... everything.

I enter into evidence his day this past Saturday. It really is a snapshot of what he does everyday.

First, he found some gloves in the parking lot at the soccer complex and turned them into lost and found...where someone promptly picked them up. Doesn't sound like a big deal? Ok, how about this ... he later found a driver's license at that same complex. And he drove to the home listed on the license to give it to the owner. The person at the door was sooooo thankful, and had just been hoping some nice person would turn it in. Keep reading.

Later he was at HyVee (grocery store) and saw a woman pushing a cart and attempting to drag a huge bag of dog food through the aisles. He stopped her and asked if he could help put the bag in her cart ... to which she replied, "Oh thank you so much!" And as he was putting putting that bag into the cart .... he hears someone say, "What are you, a super hero?" It was the lady whose driver's license he had just returned...witnessing him in action in again.

He of course just laughed and made jokes about how his super powers were mundane, because "as you can see, I'll never be faster than a locomotive."

But I shook my head. Sure, those are small things, but they are part of the big picture of what this man does for us. He's the cook. He's the night-time kid keeper. He's the homework checker. He's the coach. He's the person I lean on when I don't feel like being the one with the balls. Sure, he puts kids' clothes away in the wrong drawers and forgets things on his to-do list, but please, in the grand scheme of things - what a freaking rock star.

My rock star. My super hero.
Tune in tomorrow for "Ants + Cake = Telling the Kids to Lie"
It's a must read...and there's a reason I can't post it today!


Lisa said...

If I didn't like you two so much I'd make a snarky comment. But in this world of ick, I love that you two are so good together. You give me hope. OK, now I'm off the mush train. Carry on.

KELLY said...

Lisa you will love tomorrow's blog. I know you won't judge me.

Kara said...

People judge you?! Ack! You should have a blog dedicated to calling out anyone that foolish! And saw your cake in person this morning...been chanting the coconut song all day...

KELLY said...

Ha ha. Chicka chicka boom boom...will there be enough room? (In the ant motel?)