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"We Must be Willing to Give Up the Life We Have Planned, So As to Have the Life that is Waiting for Us."
-Joseph Campbell
Week of Aug 12, 2013

Wednesday, February 27, 2008


What is wrong with these judges? Telling some of these girls they did a good job, when they clearly sucked wind. Blech.

Who are your favorites? Some of my favorite guys BOMBED yesterday ... and the stupid DVR (or Ryan) messed up the last 30 minutes .. so I didn't get to see that 16 year old everyone loves sing the song that made Paula cry. Darn it. Don't really have a favorite girl yet either ... though I am leading towards that chick who's never seen an R movie.

Come on now ... GET BETTER. Where's the STAR?

Different topic: we got the carpets and some furniture clearned yesterday. HAPPINESS! Though the carpet guy did confirm that our vaccuum is basically worthless. And it's not even that old! And we tried to get a "nicer" one ... but it's just not doing its job. Everyone says: get a Dyson. Sure, would love one. But geeeeez they're expensive. But yes, there's probably one in our future.

Random thought: I love the word craptastic.

1. A little silly
2. Anxious for Friday evening to get here.
3. In a little pain - I burned the roof of my mouth on dinner. Owie!
4. Worried ... a reporter w/o a liveshot right now. Not good.
5. Happy .. today's almost over ... one day closer to my KELLY CROPTASTIC WEEKEND!

1. Lisa would come to my croptastic weekend
2. I had a story for my reporter w/no story.
3. I could work the word "craptastic" into a newscast.
4. My mouth wasn't burnt.
5. The house is clean when I get home.

Happy Weds!


Maricar said...

Umm, yeah. Bite the bullet and buy a Dyson. I got one online (top of the line purple one) for around $400 with shipping. Love love love my new vacuum.

Oh, I missed the one that made Paula cry too. I started watching 30 minutes too late ... and I'm not a DVR family, so I missed it. Erg. Did you see the guy sing the John Lennon song on the guy night. That was awesome. Hmm .. can I go to americanidol.com and replay performances? I'm off to check.

Yeah. It's a busy day here, but I feel so darn unmotivated. I need to go to the post office, but I think I'd rather clean bathrooms than stand in line right now.

Mcmuffy said...

David Archuleta was the one that sang the John Lennon song made Paula cry. He is an amazing singer at age 17. I think he will be the next American Idol. Brooke White, the gal that played the guitar while singing, is my favorite girl.
And I really want a Dyson too!