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Week of Aug 12, 2013

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Snow Day. Really?

Odd. Today is a snow day. We knew what kind of weather we'd have - and that is was not a big deal. No stations in town went on early, as is protocal if there's even a hint of bad weather. Yet, 6am, bbbrrrrring .... the call. I thought sure once I got up and looked out the window I'd see the forecast was all wrong and there was either dangerous ice or a foot of snow. But, nope, just sleet. Just as forecasted.

Perhaps the schools are responding to the fact that they had reporters up their arses asking why they didn't cancel last time there was snow and a school bus got into an accident ... and in a separate district a teacher got into an accident. My favorite response was from a school spokesman when asked about the school bus accident. She said, "Well, accidents can happen any time, any day. I think this was one of those accidents." Had the reporter had any balls, he/she would have said: "HELLO. The school bus hit a SNOW PLOW." Duh. And when the accidents are attributed to slick roads, that again is a stupid response to those questions.

Oh and this whole: "we do what schools x and y do." Hello, this is Kansas City .. it can be snowing on one side of the street and raining on the other.

I prefer erring on the side of safety. And let's show some consistency for pete's sake.

Oh, and while I'm complaining -- I think it's a bad idea that LS school decided to get rid of built in snow days next year. Really? And they didn't get parent input first. Dumb idea. If you're gonna call classes when it SLEETS outside (like today) my kid will be in school through July!!!

Bad move.

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Maricar said...

So, Kelly, tell us how you *really* feel. :) Enjoy your snow, ahem - sleet, day!