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-Joseph Campbell
Week of Aug 12, 2013

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Snow Day, notsomuch

Hmph. All schools in the metro closed ... except Jack's. Annoying. After staying at work 'til midnight with election coverage and such ... I was thinking, at least I'll get to sleep in because it will most definitely be a snow day. I should have known better. I can still see grass. Grrrrr.

WHERE'S MY SNOW STORM???? I watched our live coverage....and it really didn't look like much ANYWHERE. I think other places got more than my neck of the woods...but just another big disappointment.

Either snow like you mean it or give up and warm up!


Shawn said...

You need to live up north they cancel school here all the time! Shoot we got a couple inches on the ground, I'll trade ya!

Mcmuffy said...

Your snow storm landed at my house....8 inches of it anyway. Probably no school here tomorrow either. Sherry

Lisa said...

Well, we got almost no snow and they cancelled school anyway, and THAT made me mad. I can't believe they cancel it for 2 inches of snow.

KELLY said...

That's annoying. When I was in high school...we'd have to get MASSIVE snow before they'd close. Or dangerous wind chill. No measly 6 inches. So when they close for two, I find it quite silly.